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Memoriam Day

Wooden boards get pried back to reveal Jack getting to work on fixing the rusty pipes of the bar. Ams asks if he's really going to do this himself. He doesn't really have a choice. She asks if that's how he feels about her. Jack suppresses his "Oh shit! She's on to me" face. Their baby is going to need stability, Amily says, and for some reason saying this strikes a chord with Jack. He agrees to move his stuff back into the bar tonight. "What about Declan?" Ams asks. Dec appears from behind Amily, "Yeah, what about Declan?" She excuses herself and Jack timidly asks his brother if he wouldn't mind moving out to the boat for a while. Dec's of course ecstatic about getting the shaft yet again. He wants Jack to stop living a lie, but Jack insists he's just trying to do right by everyone. "Start with yourself," Dec zings.

Charlotte enjoys the fresh air of freedom on the yacht. Her father comes up to her, happy to see her, and asks if she's still on schedule for release next week. Dr. Thomas is in tow, and points out they're just waiting for the results of her final blood panel. Charlie assures her father with a big smile that she's clean. Conrad takes this opportunity to tell his daughter that he's thinking of spending time in the city away from the bad memories of the beach house. That's perfect because Charlotte wants to sell it. If I'm understanding correctly, the Grayson children jointly inherited Grayson Manor from Victoria. Conrad tells Charlotte she'll have a hard time convincing her brother to give up his half. That's fine with Charlotte because she can be bought out, she says.

In yet another capacity she's inherited from Victoria, Ashley gives the big art auction speech on the yacht. She announces she wants to pay tribute to the late, great humanitarian, and believes that if Victoria saw the art they have on tap she'd say, "In a word, 'She approves.'" That's still not one word, guys. Charlotte is fuming alongside Conrad that Ash is giving this tribute... misusing the word "eulogy." Ash reveals the painting, and naturally it's Dominik's unfinished painting of Victoria. Charlotte's had enough, and hotly asks if she can say a few words. She wants to make it clear to everyone that there was more to Victoria than art auctions and fancy parties. This speech turns into the eulogy that Charlotte surely regrets not being able to give at her mother's funeral. It becomes about her realization of how much her mother loved her once she was gone, and all of the positive change she's recently made in her own life is now a tribute to her. As she finishes, Dr. Thomas' phone rings. He takes the call as Charlotte receives kudos from Conrad and Daniel. Dr. Thomas comes over to inform them that Charlotte's blood work has come back positive for hydrocodone. Charlie immediately goes into lunatic mode, exclaiming that's impossible and her father must've done this. He blew up that plane and now he's going to lock her up! Charlotte frees herself from Dr. Thomas' grasp and runs to Emanda, calling out to her with fear in her voice. Indistinctly, she whispers into Ems' ear. Whatever she just told Emanda was super shocking. Dr. Thomas leads Charlotte away. Nolan, who was off getting Emanda a drink, walks up to the shell-shocked Emanda and asks, "What did I miss?" Emanda just walks forward with a purpose. Cut to a front door swinging open to reveal Victoria. The Queen to Emanda: "What in the hell are you doing here?" Botox never dies.

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