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Memoriam Day


The Queen's Cabin. Victoria is surprised to have a visit from Emanda so soon after the last one. Emanda's there to hand over a folder with the background check of Dr. Thomas. He's been sued six times and operated under three different names. Ems says she figures Victoria's connections with the government can quickly dispose of him and free Charlotte. Considering the last time they saw each other Victoria was pretty much gloating over her son dumping Emanda, she asks why she deserves such kindness. Ems claims to just be happy Victoria's alive. She leaves.

In an empty Stowaway at night, Jack confronts Amily and asks where she went last summer when she disappeared. He wants to know who she stayed with. Ams reads between the lines and realizes he doesn't think the baby is his. She'll make an appointment for a paternity test. That was easy.

Ash finds Daniel brooding out on the balcony. Charlie is settling back into her rehab facility according to a phone call from Dr. Thomas... if that's his real name. Dan doesn't blame Charlotte for not trusting him; he's been a lousy brother lately. Trying to be the good girlfriend, Ash says Charlotte is sick and doesn't know what she's saying. Daniel declines an invite to come to bed and elects to stay out on the balcony a little longer.

"Into the Black" by Chromatics begins to play as we see Charlotte trying to force open her locked door. She sits at her vanity and stares at herself in the mirror. At that very moment, her mother is trying to call her phone. It goes to voicemail and Victoria hangs up. Cut to Jack and Amily lying wide awake in bed together, Jack staring up at the ceiling and Ams on her side facing away.

Ems stands out on the dock at night after a swim while Daniel watches from the balcony. She's holding her mother's leather strap and strokes the infinity symbol etched into it with care. Emanda voice-over: "Some say that to believe in destiny is to dismiss the role of free will... that self-determination cannot prevail in the presence of fate..." Emanda goes inside Casa Emily and finds Nolan sitting on the couch watching his laptop vigilantly. She jokes that he better be looking for a house. He's really watching surveillance of Victoria's cabin, and there's been nothing to report. Just then, WHM appears. Ems VO continued: "...When the truth is the only part of destiny we can control is the fate we choose for another." Victoria catches WHM up to speed about Emanda's visit and her knowing part of the truth. That makes her a liability, and we all know how Victoria and WHM handle liabilities. The Queen orders WHM to handle it. Watching this, Ems turns to Nolan with the realization that they must've done to her mother what they did to David. "Now they're coming for you," Nolan says. Emanda: "Good. Let them."

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