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After the Love is Gone

At Grayson Manor, Victoria re-hires Daniel's P.I. to do a favor for her, but is interrupted by Pascal. He's dropped by with a few women from your average makeover montage because his pals -- oh you know, just Dolce & Gabbana -- gave him a gown to give to Victoria for the opera later that night. She turns him down, but accepts the dress. Waste not, right?

Stevie visits Jack at the Stowaway and tells him that she visited Emily, but Emily sent her away out of loyalty to Jack. She says if they want to do right by Amanda and David Clarke, they need to fight the Graysons. She then gives a sort of impassioned speech about fighting for underdogs like David -- that's why she's a divorce lawyer, because she like to make millions of dollars off the less fortunate halves of divorced couples. Very noble.

While telling Jack about her noble plight, Stevie mentions that she lost a special piece of evidence to her law firm when she was disbarred, so Jack and Nolan set up a ruse to get into the law firm's archives. Nolan has set up a meeting to discuss all his new ventures while Jack walks right into a room with a giant sign that says "Archives," because law firms love to make things really obvious. Unfortunately for Jack, this law firm isn't a fan of putting dates on things. So he has no idea what to take. He texts Nolan, who is busy dropping LL Cool J lyrics to his could-be lawyers. Instead of helping Jack, he sets him up with Javier, who solves the law firm's filing system riddle rather quickly. Piece of cake.

At Voulez, Margaux gets bold and tells Pascal to leave her magazine because she makes her own success. Conrad relishes bursting her bubble right then and there: Pascal has been cooking her books to make it look like she's turning a profit when really she's losing money -- the magazine has been up and running for how long? There's no way she's turning a profit yet. Are you delusional, Margaux? Daughter dearest calls her father an evil man, which seems a bit far for this transgression alone, but Pascal is pretty wretched for saying that he knew she couldn't run a business. Still, he's more sexist than evil.

Victoria delivers news from Daniel's P.I., who found Aidan in Bermuda. This is good news for her and Daniel because it proves Victoria's theory: that Emily is after the Graysons themselves, not money. That's why she offered Ems a huge settlement, because she knew she'd refuse it. She says that they need Emily under their roof a little longer to really smoke her out, but Daniel is done. He wants Emily out of his life. And personally, I don't see how either side in this battle is gaining anything from this stale, obnoxious and wildly unhappy union. So -- for the first time ever -- I agree with Daniel: Get Emily out of there.

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