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White Fanged
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It's high time we get a whiff of Emily's eventual plunge into the water, and Revenge is finally ready to deliver. But first, she has to give everyone else a chance to make a mess of things.

We open with one hell of a messy house at Nolan's. Emily sneaks away from Daniel in the morning and when she finds Nolan's house a wreck and Nolan asleep in the bathtub, she assumes the worst. But actually Nolan's having the best, most relaxing morning ever because he and Patrick finally consummated their relationship (apparently, they did so all over the house). Emily tells him he needs to break up with Patrick because he occasionally tries to kill people. Nolan is indignant because he thought Emily would somehow let him have his own life. Silly Nolan.

Meanwhile, Victoria has summoned the Grayson bunch for breakfast to discuss Emily and Daniel's wedding, assuming she's got a chance to mock Emily for her icy relationship with Daniel. Instead, Emily and Daniel are all smiles and PDA, announcing their plan to bring the whole family on their honeymoon, while Victoria has violin music playing that's not unlike Kate Winslet's brunch soundtrack on the Titanic. Subtle, Victoria.

The brunch is somewhat productive, however, because Conrad drops one helluva knowledge bomb. He's just sold Grayson Manor. This upsets Emily; the house is apparently integral to her takedown plan. Because the house was conveniently purchased by a "Saudi Royal" in cash, Emily has to get crafty to unravel the real estate deal.

While Victoria is preparing to part with her home, she decides that rather than risking Conrad seizing her gallery in his quest for instant cash, she'll put it in Patrick's name. But her gift of trust in Patrick comes with a caveat: Victoria tells her son that she knows he tried to kill Conrad. While staring into his pretty, pretty eyes, she momentarily confuses the word "psychopathic" with "selfless" and praises her son for trying to protect her. She says she made sure Conrad will never know Patrick tried to kill him and then Patrick calls Victoria "mom" which makes her think he's just about this sweetest bloodthirsty guy that ever walked the earth. Aww?

Charlotte is becoming a mini-Victoria in service of her brother. She's taken to remodeling the Stowaway for greater profitability – something Jack used to be opposed to and suddenly doesn't mind. She gets Daniel into her web by asking him for business advice and having him pick up a cake at the bakery where his ex-girlfriend works. Fun fact: this is the ex-girlfriend he almost killed while driving drunk and who was paid to be silent by the evil Grayson lawyers. All it takes is one look at Daniel for her to make a scene and shame him in front of the entire bakery. While he got to run off into the sunset, she was left with years and years of rehab bills. Apparently, that settlement was full of lots of fancy language that screwed her big time.

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