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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
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We begin in Daniel's dark cell block at Rikers Island. Daniel lies on his cold, lonely bunk staring at a photo of his fiancé. Emanda voice-over: "Doubt is a disease. It infects the mind, creating a mistrust of people's motives and of one's own perceptions." Dan rolls over, pulls out a blank piece of paper and begins writing a letter to Emanda. Fade to the Stowaway where Dec stares at his brother's back with suspicion from across the bar while they clean up. Ems VO: "Doubt has the ability to call into question everything you've ever believed about someone..." At Grayson Manor, Victoria reaches the foot of the main staircase and pauses to look at Conrad who's on his phone in the study. VO continued: "...and reinforce the darkest suspicions of our inner circles."

Casa Emily. Emanda sits at her breakfast table, reading Daniel's letter over coffee. Daniel voice-over: "Emily, I need you to know that I'm not guilty of what they're accusing me. Something happened on the beach that night that I don't yet fully understand. I only hope you'll still be by my side when the truth finally comes to light." Emanda contemplates this and her own guilt until there's a knock at the door. She's not too happy to see it's Nolan. "What do you want?" Emanda asks. "World peace," Nolan innocently responds, "But I'll start small. Croissan'wich?" He cheerfully holds up a paper sack. And in that sack there was not really a croissan'wich, but all our hearts. Ems has no time to eat or sleep because she's stressing over Daniel's trial and Victoria's insistence on tracking down Amily. Nolan figures that if Amily resurfaces, the jig will be up for Emanda, but she's confident Takeda has her secure. But what if Takeda realizes Emanda's going to take him on? "Takeda might just release the Kraken," Nolan suggests. He notices the letter from Daniel and muses to himself that it's déjà vu, obviously referring to the fact Emanda's had two important men in her life in prison. Nolan: "I wonder what kind of box he'll make you in woodshop." Ignoring the awesomeness of Nolan, Emanda instead admits Takeda was right about her losing focus and becoming too emotionally involved. Nolan's phone goes off with a text. He breathes a deep sigh before showing the screen to Emanda: "Come to the bar ASAP -- Jack" Nolan gets up and leaves. (He leaves the croissan'wich.)

Grayson Manor. A criminal sketch artist shows Charlotte a photo of a hoodied figure with nothing but white space where the face should be. George Zimmerman, is that you? Charlotte deadpans, "That's the guy; you nailed it." She's so exasperated with Victoria constantly badgering her to think hard about what she saw the night of Tyler's murder and now her mother's trying to twist her memory into possibly remembering the hoodied figure could've been a woman. Charlotte sees through this and points out there's no way she could really tell if it was her half-sister because the two weren't exactly close growing up. Ouch. Declan walks in dressed up, he announces, for today's school orientation. This as a cue for Charlotte to blow up at her mother and exit with Dec. Her boyfriend's excited for their first day of school, but Charlotte has other plans already because of her new fuckall attitude on life. She wants to blow off orientation and go to the beach today.

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