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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Victoria walks over to the kitchen breakfast nook where family lawyer Benjamin Brooks and Conrad are hanging around in their homemade war room. She asks if there's any progress finding Amily, which of course there hasn't because we'd be the first ones to know that. Brooks wants to explore other avenues of creating reasonable doubt, but that's not good enough for Victoria. She has every reason to think Amily is behind everything that led to her son being on trial for murder. Conrad and Brooks insist they should try and find another viable suspect, prompting Victoria to suggest Jack. After all, he did storm into their home and accuse them of being responsible for destroying David Clarke. "Maybe Charlotte did see a man on the beach," Victoria schemes.

As if we need to be reminded who Jack is, we cut to him being his boring self at the Stowaway until Nolan enters and they begin talking about Amily. Jack admits he can't stop thinking about that bank receipt. He wants Nolan to find out for him if Amily was on the receiving end of the transaction. This isn't like Jack, Nolan tells his pseudo best buddy. And he thinks Jack needs to move on -- pretty much the last thing Jack ever wants to hear. He blows up about how none of the pieces of this massive puzzle of blood and lying make sense. Jack insists he can't put it all behind him so easily and storms off.

Grayson Manor. Emanda enters the war room/kitchen to find everyone standing around as if they're waiting for something important to happen. She asks Ashley what's up. Ash says they're waiting to hear Daniel's court date, and we see Brooks is on the phone. He announces to the room that the trial will be the first week of December and barring any life-threatening condition, Dan will remain incarcerated for the duration. Ems suggests they focus on looking for Amily in the meantime. Victoria explains they're now after someone else. She hands over the suspect sketch to Ash and it now has the blank white space filled in with a likeness of Jack. Ash says the obvious, "This looks like Jack Porter." Ems raises her glance into a menacing glare at the side of Victoria's face.

Frenemy 3-D title card and commercials

Victoria and Emanda are still hanging around the war kitchen. The Queen asks Ems how well she knows Jack. Emanda thinks it's not as important as how well everyone else knows him. Jack is well-liked in Montauk. Conrad comes over to join the conversation and agrees with Emanda that a lowly bartender won't be very compelling in this day of wanting to persecute the 1%. Conrad's repeated paranoia about people being out to get the 1% is pretty hilarious. Ems suggests Mason Treadwell could help shape people's perception of him to their liking. Since Victoria's lost contact with him after his house burned down, Ems volunteers to go get the ball rolling. Conrad turns to Victoria and suggests Emanda might just be Grayson material, after all.

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