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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Cut to Mason at Grayson Manor that night in a meeting with Victoria, Emanda and Ash in the war kitchen. He recaps the story they want him to spin: Jack and Amily conspired to frame Daniel for the murder of Tyler. When the ladies confirm, he says he thinks it's a real stretch. Victoria assures Mason that his power with words is all that matters. That sways him and he figures he can knock out a book before the trial, but no. Emanda speaks up that this needs to happen now. Mason needs to get with the 21st century and blog this shit. He naturally has no idea what that means. That's OK because Ashley has set him up with a website and a laptop. All he has to do is write, says Emanda. He naturally smiles at the notion of being current/hip.

The showers at Rikers are busy with inmates while Daniel tries to mind his own business and get through his own shower. Someone whistles at Dan as he finishes up and I close my eyes. Suddenly everyone is gone. Daniel wraps himself in a towel and goes to investigate what's happening. Two men pop out from behind a pillar and begin beating Dan's ass without uttering a word. He splatters on the tiled floor along with his blood.


Ems and Victoria rush through the halls of the prison. Brooks meets the ladies and informs them Daniel has a concussion, two cracked ribs and fracture to his orbital bone. Victoria immediately reminds Brooks that he mentioned the judge would consider the option of house arrest in the event of a life-threatening condition. Brooks has already discussed this with the judge and it appears likely now. He walks off, leaving an awkward silence between Victoria and Emanda, who is beginning to connect the dots. Victoria blurts out, "Who on Earth would do a thing like this to Daniel?" Emanda has no answers and instead offers Victoria a ride home. Victoria awkwardly makes an excuse before suspiciously receiving a text message. She claims she wants to just stay close to Daniel.

Mason strolls into the Stowaway and goes straight up to Jack at the bar to introduce himself. Jack remembers who he is, so Mason gets to the point. He pulls out the sketch of Jack and tells him the Graysons have two witnesses placing him at the beach the night of Tyler's murder. Declan steps out of his room upstairs and begins eavesdropping on the conversation. Mason says Jack will go down for the crime unless he fesses up that he's covering for Amily. Immediately angered at the idea of doing wrong by Amily, Jack kicks Mason out of the bar. Declan sneaks out and chases after Mason to find out what's going on. The scared teenager's definitely in a panic because he completely throws Charlotte under the bus. Dec tells Mason there was no man in a hoodie at the beach that night and he just went along with it for Charlotte. He offers up that she was high on pain killers that night and he can prove it. Poor, greasy Declan.

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