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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Victoria meets with Mason outside at a park and demands to know why he betrayed her and Daniel. She wants him to print a retraction. The Queen knows not of the power of the Internet. Mason doesn't respond to her threats since he thinks Victoria's empire is crumbling. With the knowledge that she had his interview tapes, he accuses her of burning down his house. She's shocked that the tapes that she thought were in her safe escaped. Mason threatens that if she tries to implicate Amily in anything, he'll make sure she's burned at the stake. Go Mason?

Goon watches Ash being interviewed on TV at a bar. A brunette-wigged Ems takes a seat next to Goon and flirtatiously starts chatting him up about the Graysons' scandal since it's natural to strike up a conversation about what's on the television in a bar. Trying to impress the pretty girl, Goon boasts that he knows all sorts of secrets about the Graysons. Emanda sneaks her phone out of her purse and starts her voice recorder before challenging Goon to impress her.

It's night outside Grayson Manor. Victoria finds Dan standing alone out there unable to sleep. She asks her son if he's still in pain. He's more afraid than anything and is sorry for bringing all of this shame on his family. Victoria declines the apology and turns the conversation to her suspicion that something else is at play here. She asks if Daniel also thinks it's odd the bullets that killed Tyler came from Emanda's gun. How can they be so sure she wasn't on the beach? That little bit of doubt is enough to get Dan acquitted, Victoria says. Seeing what his mother is getting at, Dan threatens he'll swear responsibility for the murder if she so much as tries to implicate Emanda in any of this.


Back at the bar. Shots are happening. Goon gives his opinion on Victoria's cold, calculated move to have her own son beaten to a pulp to bring him home. Guy's better off in the slammer, Goon thinks. Ems has all the info she needs now. She suggests they change scenery and go back to his place. Emanda voice-over: "Nature can be cruel. Predators are everywhere." Still hanging outside Grayson Manor, Dan tries calling Emanda and gets her voicemail. He hangs up and tests out the limits of his ankle monitor before retreating back within its limits. VO continued: "Those who don't need to be protected from outside sources often need to be protected from themselves." Jack is driving with focus. There's someone speaking in French on his radio, so he's either already in Canada or he's learning the language by audio book. Meanwhile, Dec tries calling Charlotte and gets her voicemail, too.

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