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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

At Grayson Manor, Victoria sits in bed reading articles about Dominick's drunken spiral into artistic failure when her phone rings with a call from him. She's surprised to hear from him because she didn't give him her number. He starts to ask if he'll see her again when Conrad walks into the room. Victoria abruptly hangs up on Dominick, but it's not quick enough for Conrad to not take notice and put the puzzle pieces together. Victoria did come home late today in last night's clothes. Conrad warns her that if she's having an affair (Victoria points out it's not an affair if they're divorced), she should be discreet about it for Daniel's sake. Victoria's in no mood to be told what to do since she suspects Conrad must be the one who led Mason Treadwell to his interview tapes. There's no way Conrad could have any idea what Victoria's talking about, so he reaches deep inside for a burn. He blames her for being the reason their children are now in harm's way. That'll do nicely.

Emanda voice-over: "In society, women are referred to as 'the fairer sex.'" Victoria returns to Dominick's loft. She appears to be waiting naked in his loft's elevator when he opens it, but we'll never know since we only see her from the shoulders up. Without saying a word, they lock lips and presumably do the dirty yet again. What is that -- four times in two days? Not bad, Queen. Not bad.

VO continued: "But in the wild, the female species can be far more ferocious than their male counterparts." Goon leads Ems out to his car. She stops him before they get in to say she wants to give him something. "This is for Jack," Emanda whispers in Goon's ear before sucker punching him and beating him to the ground, then repeatedly kicking him while he's down. VO: "Defending the nest is both our oldest and strongest instinct." After Goon's unconscious, Emanda adds as an afterthought that those kicks were for Daniel. VO: "And sometimes it can also be the most gratifying." She clones his car key and walks off satisfied.

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