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Rorschach the Hell Up!
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We begin during a rainy night outside Casa Emily. Inside we don't find Emanda, but instead Little Amanda sitting on the couch with her dad who's working away on his laptop. Emanda voice-over: "Most of the memories I have from childhood are happy ones -- warm summer days filled with love and light, and the certainty that the darkest storm would eventually pass." There's a flash of lightning and loud clap of thunder. David, being the perfect father he is, pauses his work just to put his arm around his daughter and kiss her on the head. VO: "And for a while, at least... they always did." Another woman's voice breaks us from flashback: "And then?" Emanda is sitting across from a psychiatrist. She replies in her patented innocent voice, "And then my parents' car went off a cliff and they were both killed." Her psychiatrist's name is Dr. Michelle Banks and she theorizes that Emanda's early brush with impermanence is a reason why she can't bring herself to move forward with relationships. Apparently, Emanda has been going to sessions with Dr. Banks for at least a year now. The session ends with the doctor advising her to take a more active role in her life and stop being a victim. If you only knew, Dr. Banks. The two women stand up and Emanda thanks her psychiatrist with a hug, her face going stoic as she looks over Dr. Banks' shoulder at a small hidden camera positioned between books on the shelf. Its red light is glowing. Emanda leaves and Dr. Banks immediately goes to her laptop at her desk to pull up the video she's secretly recorded of their session. She brings up an audio recording program and begins recording a voice memo to say she has no reason to believe Ms. Thorne will ever move past her trust issues and stop allowing her future to be determined by her past.

Grayson Manor. Conrad is straight up accusing Victoria of hijacking his laptop to ruin Senator Kingsly. She flat out denies it. They bicker back and forth in that TV-couple kind of way as they walk briskly through their house. They stop in the bedroom because Conrad is packing for a destination that is so far unbeknownst to his wife. He tells her he'll be going to San Francisco. Victoria: "Ah. Business or pleasure?" Charlotte comes in and doesn't give Conrad a chance to respond to Victoria's snipe because she's all daddy's girl about him leaving. It's even a step further than just preferring Conrad to Victoria because she gives him an eye roll when she says how much she hates when he leaves her behind -- an indication she really can't stand being left alone with her mother. Not making matters any better, Victoria stops Charlotte on her way out to remind her she should plan on taking part in a dress fitting this morning for a mother-daughter charity tea event. Char tries to get out of it, but Conrad steps up and asks her to do this for him despite how much it sucks. Victoria sarcastically thanks Conrad for the support.

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