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Rorschach the Hell Up!

It's literal couples tennis. Emanda and Daniel versus Tyler and Ashley. Emanda is smoking cross court shots against Tyler who's struggling to return. Emanda wins the match and everyone is super impressed except Tyler. He invites everyone out for lunch, but Ashley can't go because she has to plan the charity event. Well, how about hitting up a nightclub? Daniel tells Tyler he's avoiding nightclubs this summer and Emanda chimes in to remind Dan of fake plans they have for dinner tonight anyway so he can save face with his friend. Tyler's face gets a little scrunchy because he's not an idiot, but all should be OK because Ashley can go to the club tonight with him. Right?

Poor Porter Bar. Jack has an envelope of his father's valuables from his safety deposit box, which he proceeds to empty out onto the counter in front of Dec. "Valuables" being simply a formality of a word. The only cash in there is the first dollar the Stowaway Bar ever made back in the 70s. Mrs. Porter's wedding ring is in there, but Jack thinks they should hang on to family heirlooms. Declan's like, "Speaking of heirlooms..." and suggests they try to sell the bar. Jack's not entirely opposed to the idea since it could mean money for Declan to finish school and for him to finally set sail to Haiti. He agrees to see how much they'd make after paying off the loan on the bar. Dec is so excited.

It turns out Victoria is a patient of Dr. Banks, as well. In session, she talks about being worried about her future with Conrad. This recent accusation about the Kingsly thing actually bothered her, but she won't dignify it enough to tell Michelle what Conrad's accusation was. Victoria sits in reflection after making her point and Dr. Banks asks what she's thinking about. "The past," Victoria replies as the first notes of Agnes Obel's "Riverside" begin to play. We cut to Emanda watching this exchange on her laptop and being caught a little off guard by Victoria's dwelling on the past. She pauses the video and brings up another. It's a surveillance video of Little Amanda sitting on a bed in some institution cell beside Dr. Banks. She promises her psychiatrist she'll be good and asks if she can see her dad. Saying she'll be good isn't good enough for Michelle because Amanda could just be pretending. FLASHBACK: We're in the scene depicted in the video now. Dr. Banks explains she can't trust Little Amanda because her father pretended to be good, too. Amanda insists her father really was good. Michelle gets up to leave and Amanda starts begging not to be left in her cell, promising she'll be a good girl. The doctor stops and turns in the doorway to explain again Amanda would just be pretending. "People who aren't who they claim to be, Amanda, are very, very dangerous. You would be wise to remember that." Can't say the girl doesn't take advice. Michelle shuts the door on Amanda. /FLASHBACK. Emanda watches the rest of the video of Little Amanda crying and banging on her cell door, pleading to be let out. The video ends and Emanda turns to open up a magazine with an article about Victoria's upcoming charity tea with a photo of her and Michelle. Emanda circles the doctor. Evil Emanda stare.

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