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Rorschach the Hell Up!

Relentless 3-D title card and commercials.

In the Grayson Manor kitchen, Ashley intently watches a promotional video for the mother-daughter charity tea. Emanda is shown into the kitchen by a servant and suggests to Ashley the cheesy heartstring-tugging video should attach nicely to the attendees' purse strings. Victoria walks in and yet again wonders if Emanda's there to help Ashley. She's not. She's actually there to see Daniel, but this gives her an opportunity to reveal to Victoria that she's acquainted with Dr. Banks and give us Victoria's millionth look of surprise upon finding out they have someone in common. Emanda has purchased a ticket for the event "in memory of [her] mother" and plans on attending now that she knows Dr. Banks will be speaking. Victoria's visibly annoyed after his exchange with Emanda, but at least she now has another person she could try to mine for info about the mysterious Emily Thorne.

Emanda walks in on Daniel just out of the shower, and... oops! It's not Daniel; it's Tyler. Ew. She's there to try and solidify plans for dinner, but Tyler's being really protective of Daniel and kind of creepy. Tyler offers to set up the time for them to meet, but Emanda says she'll just call and leaves. Daniel pops out of the shower because he heard Emanda and Tyler lies about her having to cancel their plans and giving no reason. When Daniel goes back into the shower, his phone rings with a call from Emanda that gets side-buttoned by Tyler. He stuffs the phone into his bag. Oh noes, it's bros before hoes!

At an outdoor cafe in the middle of the afternoon, Jack is talking to Nolan about his finances. Like, seriously going over estate taxes and boring things like that. Emanda happens to stroll by. Nolan asks her what she thinks about Jack's idea to sell the bar, sail to Haiti and LEAVE FOREVER. Annoyed by Nolan's lack of subtlety she says it's none of their business; Jack should do what he wants. She gives Jack some encouragement, takes a moment to look into his dreaaaaaamy eyes and leaves. Nolan notices Jack staring after Emanda with his mouth agape and starts singing "Jack and Emily sitting in a tree." You can forgive this because Nolan certainly had no friends as a child and is getting the chance to live out those childhood tropes we take for granted. Jack: "Really?" Nolan, resigned: "Kinda." Priceless.

Somewhere else in town, Charlotte gets a text from Declan that just says, "Smile." He skateboards up in time to catch her smiling and teases her about it. Kraft Foods needs to file for a patent on this guy's method of producing cheese. Charlotte notices that Dec is wearing his mother's wedding ring. He has it with him because he plans to try and sell it. Charlotte's surprised by the idea, so he tries to take it off to show it to her and fumbles it. He drops down to one knee to pick it up and is in this position showing the ring to Charlotte when Victoria happens upon the two teenagers. The last thing an overbearing mother wants to see is a greasy dock rat skater on one knee in front of her daughter with an engagement ring. Dec introduces himself briefly before getting Victoria's hint and skating off. Victoria puts her arm around Charlotte. "The things you'll do to torture me." Charlotte: "It's not always about you, mom."

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