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Rorschach the Hell Up!

Night at Grayson Manor. Victoria's begging Charlotte to come home in a voicemail. There's a knock at the door. It's two police detectives. Victoria's face drops like any mother's would when she's greeted by the police when their child is missing. They're actually here to see Victoria about Michelle. They need to ask Victoria a few questions. Wait... crap! Charlotte being dead would've been so much better for Victoria.


One of the detectives is laying it all out for Victoria. Witnesses say she publicly threatened Michelle hours before a 911 call came from her office. Dr. Banks' office has been ransacked and she's missing. Victoria clarifies she threatened no bodily harm to Michelle and claims she doesn't look the part of a kidnapper. Frank walks in and Victoria asks him to reason with the police. Frank asks the detective for a word. He tells the detective he can vouch for Victoria because they were together all afternoon, if he catches Frank's meaning. Frank, you dog. He hands over his card and mentions he used to be in the FBI. The detective seems appeased enough and orders Victoria just to stay put before he and his partner leave. Victoria asks Frank what's going on. He says he got to Michelle's office but it was swarming with cops. He still managed to find out her computer and hard drives are all missing. He tells Victoria to get on the phone with her assistant to find out who had access to the video so they can try to beat the police to whoever has taken Michelle. Frank then advises Victoria to call Conrad. As expected, he's in bed with Lydia. He ignores Victoria's call.

Dan and Tyler are totally drunk at Poor Porter Bar, playing pool with two hoes. Nolan's now there with Jack just watching the buffoonery. It's hard for Nolan not to notice that in addition to getting trashed, they're also about to get trashy women. Tyler calls out for another round of drinks on Daniel's tab.

Emanda's at home painting as Agnes Obel's "Riverside" plays again. (Seriously, you guys, go buy that album or Spotify it or whatever.) FLASHBACK: Michelle reprimands Amanda for drawing another crayon picture of her and her father even though she's been asked to draw a new picture. Amanda says she'll draw anything Michelle wants if she's allowed to see her dad. Dr. Banks reminds Little Amanda she can't do that and asks Amanda to fill in the reason why -- because he was a murderer. "That's a lie," Amanda corrects. Michelle's starting to get frustrated. She tells Little Amanda that if she continues to challenge her about there being a conspiracy, Amanda could end up spending her whole childhood locked up. That doesn't mean anything to Amanda. She just wants to see her dad. Michelle sees this little girl isn't budging and storms off. Amanda screams and throws her drawing and crayons off the table. /FLACKBACK. Emanda's phone chimes. It's a video message from Nolan (Who sends video messages? Nolan.) showing her what Daniel's doing. Nolan's narration is priceless as he pans his phone's camera to show Dan necking with a floozy a few feet away from Jack. "Just thought you'd be amused to know that your fake boyfriend is busy making a drunken ass of himself at your other boyfriend's bar." Jack, in the video, cuts Dan and Tyler off and they protest. Nolan continued: "Come on down. Testosterone's on the house." Nolan, you are my reason for living.

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