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Rorschach the Hell Up!

Victoria and Frank have summoned Ashley to Grayson Manor to interrogate her about the video. She admits the DVD had gone missing. She mentions Emanda was the one who found it. Nothing odd about that. Frank wants to know why this Emily person wasn't included on the list of people who interacted with the video. Ashley thinks nobody could possibly believe she was the culprit because she was a victim, too. Yes! Thank you, misdirection. Just then, Daniel and Tyler barge in drunk. Victoria's stunned and asks what happened. Dan is too wasted for questions. He exits like a rock star. Victoria glares at Tyler, who immediately plays the Good Samaritan card. He claims to have tried to stop Daniel from drinking and figured the least he could do was make sure nothing bad happened once the drinking started. Victoria falls for it. She and Frank leave Tyler and Ashley alone. Ashley moves in for a kiss and stops short when she realizes Tyler really is sober and wasn't just acting for Victoria.

Nolan's watching a news report on the TV at Poor Porter Bar about the disappearance of Dr. Banks. Emanda takes a seat next to Nolan to ask where Daniel went. He doesn't know, but he does know the more pressing matter is the whereabouts of Michelle. Jack comes up to Emanda at the counter to tell her with a roll of the eyes that Daniel and Tyler just left. Emanda apologizes for her friends, but Jack's already giving her love eyes. Jack invites Emanda for some more wine, but she declines and leaves. Jack wonders aloud about how hard she is to figure out. Nolan plays cupid. He says she has nothing but nice things to say about Jack. He grabs a bar napkin and scribbles for Jack before leaving.

Dr. Banks is trapped inside a storage boxcar somewhere and begging to be let out. Emanda stands outside of the container in a black hoodie, taking in the sound of Michelle begging. That's good revenge.


Casa Emily. Emanda watches the local news from her laptop. An anonymous tip led the police to the storage unit where Michelle was being held captive and she has been rescued. Victoria is also watching this newscast at home while Frank is on the phone with the police. He asks where the tip came from and verifies Victoria has been with him all evening. Frank hangs up and tells Victoria they're going to want to follow up with her because the storage unit was registered to Grayson Global. Frank vows to get to the bottom of this and starts to leave, but Victoria asks him to spend the night because she doesn't want to be alone. Frank, you dog!

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