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Staring Down the Barrol's Gun

At Grayson Manor, Victoria is met by Ashley, full day planner in hand, wanting to get started with concepts for Daniel's birthday. Victoria cuts her off to tell her they will be having a clambake. Ash is as dumbfounded as Victoria is mortified. Queen Victoria tells Ashley she can offer her vastly overqualified party planning skills to Emanda.

Fortress of Solitude. Emanda slowly sidles up to Nolan who's lounging by his swimming pool -- shirtless, no less -- and sheepishly declares she Googled "friendship" on the "Interwebz" and learned she's supposed to apologize when she has a fight with a friend. Nolan is unamused and tells her to leave the joke cracking to him because she sucks at it. Hear, hear. Nolan is pretty guarded. He's been hurt before. Ems says she obviously has trouble trusting people and finding out about Nolan getting cozy with Tyler caused a flight response. Nolan admits she was right about Tyler, and now he has the whale camera and enough evidence to blackmail the Graysons. Emanda thinks this could be a good thing since Tyler will probably hang himself with this much rope anyway. What about Amily? Victoria is now very aware Amanda Clarke is back in the Hamptons, Emanda tells Nolan, so they only need to concern themselves with Tyler. Nolan pulls out his nondescript iPad, which shows a map and a GPS signal being tracked from Ty's phone. Good enough. Ems gets up to leave and Nolan reminds her she hasn't said she's sorry. She gives him a genuine, "I'm sorry."

In the parlor at Grayson Manor, Victoria and Conrad sit across the coffee table from each other next to their respective lawyers. They're trying to divide up their assets rather unsuccessfully. Victoria's lawyer, the Emanda-conspiring Ryan Huntley, tries to simplify Victoria's demands. She wants the mansion, some artwork and custody of Charlotte. Conrad's lawyer jumps in to clarify that he is filing for full custody of Charlotte, as Conrad cites his daughter's recent plea to stay with him. Victoria defends herself by claiming Conrad has been programming Charlotte her whole life to prefer him over her. That's not really necessary true when there's a video circulating on the Internet of Victoria saying she wishes Charlotte had never been born, Conrad retorts. That's an argument that should hold up in court, I think. Mr. Huntley has heard enough of this bickering. He suggests tabling the discussion for now and Conrad's lawyer agrees, but adds they will be using the prenup Victoria signed in 1986 for future discussion. Ryan's done his homework, though. Victoria was pregnant at the time, meaning she could be considered to have been legally under duress and the contract would be null and void. She should be entitled to half of everything. Conrad's like, "Duress? Marrying me is the best thing to ever happen to that woman!" Victoria wears a huge smile as they all agree to adjourn until mediation.

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