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Staring Down the Barrol's Gun

Casa Emily. Ashley and Daniel sit in the kitchen together talking about tonight's clambake. Emanda enters distressed. She claims she just had a bad run-in with Tyler. She shows them Tyler's prescription and says he trashed the pool house. Daniel valiantly declares he's going to go talk to Tyler and instructs the girls to stay behind. Our hero.

We're at the docks outside of the Stowaway. Oh right... we remember that place. It's still a sunny afternoon when Dec walks up on Amily, who's shucking clams for Dan's party. Dec not-so-subtly expresses his surprise that not too long ago Jack was crushing on Emanda and now he's gladly helping throw her boyfriend a birthday party. Jack replaces Dec in the conversation with Amily unaware of what he's walking into. His stripper wastes no time in asking if there was ever anything between him and Emanda. He assures her she has nothing to worry about because she's the girl he's been waiting for his whole life. Hyperglycemic kisses.

Night at Grayson Manor. Dan walks into the pool house to find Tyler ominously sitting alone in the dark. He says he's waiting for Dan... always waiting. Creepy. Ty brushes off Dan's concerns and says he's already booked a flight for Cali. He wants Daniel to come with him. Instead, Dan says he's done with their friendship. That's impossible, Tyler says. He knows way too much about Daniel and his family. Dan perceives this as a threat, calling Ty out for being a worthless parasite. He pulls out his phone to call the police. Tyler realizes Dan must really be afraid of him and commends him on not being as stupid as he thought before shoving him up against the wall and telling him to have a nice life. Ty grabs a packed bag and walks out of the pool house.


Close-up on a pile of seaweed encircled by stones. Jack is showing Emanda how to get a fire going on the beach. She asks how things are going with Amily about as genuinely as one can expect of someone who is asking the love of their life how it's going dating someone who's essentially supposed to be them. Jack says things are good, but he says sometimes he can see her pain and anger. FLASHBACK: Little Amanda and Jack are having a water gun fight on the beach. David walks up into the crossfire and happily hands them a bucket of clams. /FLASHBACK. Emanda tells him to be careful with her. Jack watches Amily from across the beach and says he's not going to let anything else hurt her. Ems has had enough. She gets up and walks off with the thing in her chest that pumps blood hurting.

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