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Staring Down the Barrol's Gun

Outside, everyone's having awkwardly biting banter. Emanda emerges with a cake full of lit candles and everyone's faces light up with glee. It takes a while for everyone to notice Tyler is following behind Emanda with a gun trained on the back of her head. They even start singing "Happy Birthday." Tyler picks up where their shock cuts off their singing and completes the song psychotically all by himself. He instructs Emanda to sit down and invites her to make a wish before blowing out the candles himself. He returns his aim to the side of Ems' head.


Tyler condescendingly talks to Emanda about her always having a target on his head, but for the whole table to hear. Daniel implores him to just put the gun down, but trying to reason with crazy never works. Ty turns to point the gun at Dan, and gets the idea they should all play a game he came up with called "Truth or Die." It's played like this: Ty asks you a question, and if you lie, he shoots someone. I wish they had this when I was in college -- my class rank would've probably been higher. Conrad decides to be bold and predicts Tyler won't be shooting anyone. That means Conrad just volunteered to play first. He has three seconds to tell everyone the real truth about David Clarke. Conrad stays silent for way longer than three seconds. Tyler pulls back the hammer and puts the gun to Emanda's head. She looks like she's about to hyperventilate. Just as he's about to pull the trigger, he hears his name called by his brother. Dr. Barrol and Nolan emerge from around the corner. Ty is still defiant, thinking they're just going to lock him up if he goes home. His brother insists they just want him to come home. It distracts Tyler just enough for Jack to run up and tackle Ty and hold him down. Dan socks him in the face and knocks him out.

Cut to cops taking Ty away. Conrad shares with Victoria that they found Frank's wallet on Ty (what Emanda planted on him earlier), which clears Conrad of everything. He tells Victoria to expect a battle of a divorce. Elsewhere on the beach, Nolan asks Emanda if she feels like a mere mortal now and questions the fact her gun had no bullets in it. Nolan: "You never cease to amaze... and terrify me, maestro." Ems gives Nolan a look that's half apologetic and half endearing. She runs into Ashley as she walks off and offers an apology about Tyler that Ash pretty much shrugs off. Nolan and Ash wallow for a minute in their both being duped by this yahoo and walk off together arm in arm. Emanda is in a full embrace with Daniel as Lissie's cover of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" begins to play. Emanda looks over Dan's shoulder and locks eyes with Amily who's in a walking hug with Jack. Emanda voice-over: "Duress impacts relationships in one of two ways. It either tears people apart or strengthens their connection, binding them tightly in a common objective." Conrad stands in the doorway of Charlotte's bedroom and watches her sleep. A small smile forms on his lips when he exits and closes her door behind him. Victoria stands alone looking out her window, sipping from a wine glass.

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