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Staring Down the Barrol's Gun

Jack is walking Amily home and asks if she's ok. Amily says yeah and then backtracks. She asks Jack what Ty was getting at about "the truth about David Clarke." She wonders if maybe there's more to the story than they know. Uh... Shouldn't you, his daughter, know the truth? Maybe?

Dan climbs into bed with Emanda. He counts himself lucky to have met her and says he can't imagine his life without her. She says he won't have to and they kiss.

A servant leads Ryan Huntley into the study of Grayson Manor where he finds Victoria still sipping her wine. He says she'll be pleased to pay his house call fee because he found a doctor who's willing to manufacture documents to prove her miscarriage and ensure the prenuptial agreement will be null and void. Finally, a happy ending.

-- Pablo G. is some guy who lives in San Antonio, Texas. He co-hosts TWoP's original "Trailers Without Pity" with his brother Omar G. Check him out at The YES and NO and Pablog and follow him @PendejoJoe on Twitter.

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