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Engage on My Mark
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We pan across the Manhattan skyline at night. Without the sound of traffic, it's a nice backdrop for meditation. Wearing a semi-formal black dress and her hair up in a bun, Ems stares out at the structures from a balcony. She looks down at her hand, which has Daniel's engagement ring. Ems voice-over: "Engagement can be a commitment to love or a declaration of war. One must enter every battle without hesitation, willing to fully engage the enemy until death do you part." OK, give that writer a bonus. On cue, Daniel calls out to Emanda. She turns and we see that there's a romantic dinner setting under a white canopy being guarded by a man in a tux on this private rooftop. The shot is framed by the opposing sides of a life-sized chessboard, the middle of the board forming an aisle towards the dinner table. This is something Emanda arranged to surprise Dan. The combative board game wasn't a very subtle touch, Ems. She goes to meet Daniel at the table, posing the question, "Le blanc ou le rouge?" Dan wants red wine, in case you care, and he has Emanda figured out. He knows she's up to something. They take a seat and Ems invites her faux beau to lift the lid off of a silver platter. There's two tickets to Paris in there. Emanda says that her biggest regret last year was not hopping that flight to Paris with him. She asks if it's too late to say yes. Daniel couldn't be more pleased. They drink to their renewed engagement.

The next morning, Declan storms into the Stowaway in his school uniform. Jack asks what he's doing home. Turns out Charlotte stood him up (again) for his ride to school. Pff... not like Dec's learning anything at Collin's Prep anyway, besides how to get treated like a chump. Jack asks if the young couple's troubles have anything to do with the paparazzi video of Charlotte making out with Regina and why Dec never said anything about it to his brother. Surprisingly sagacious for his age, Declan attributes it all to Charlie being in a dark place since Amily died. It seems like every day this young man gets a tiny bit less greasy. I'm proud. Jack can't drive Dec to school because Ashley's on her way over. He's still not sure what Conrad's up to with the governor's wife, but maybe Ashley has some news, Jack says as he walks Dec out. Declan stop all of a sudden to say, "Hey, do you know why you're supposed to bury politicians 100 feet down? Because deep down they're really good people." That was... random. Bonus revoked, writer.

Grayson Manor. Victoria follows Conrad into his office, badgering him about what his motives could be for so easily giving up Nolcorp. Conrad says that with the Initiative out of the way, paring down the company is what's best. Plus, it might help speed up the process of tracking down Victoria's illegitimate son. He notes that there are 34 letters sitting on his desk from people claiming to be that son. Neither he nor Victoria believes any of them are legit. Conrad tells Victoria he wishes Nolan luck finding her son before walking out into the foyer where he runs into his own son. Daniel is given documents for turning over Nolcorp, which he's totally OK with. He couldn't care less from cloud nine.

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