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Engage on My Mark

Victoria joins the conversation to ask for a moment with her son, so she can see if he's going to be cold to her after her revelation. Brazenly, Daniel laughs off the notion as the doorbell rings. He half-indifferently, half-jovially says he's not surprised his mother has another son out there, causing Victoria to snap and order him to bite his tongue. Dan doesn't even register his mother's anger because his on-again, off-again fiancé just walked in. He announces that he and Ems are engaged. To Conrad's credit, he immediately gives his congratulations and throws a hug around Ems, but that's probably just the politician talking. Victoria stands frozen until she can muster, "Yes. How... repetitious."

Daniel invites his parents to their engagement party tonight, which prompts his mother to comment that she hopes they'll have a long engagement this time. Emanda informs her that they'll be in Paris in two week. Already aggravated, Victoria asks if that's where they're getting married. "No. That's where we're planning to live," Daniel says, happier that he's even been. Ems throws a glance at Victoria and raises her eyebrows. All she can do is smirk at the Queen.

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Grayson Manor, later in the day. Emanda's gone, so Daniel's parents have sat him down to try to talk some sense into him. It's not working. He's all hearts and cupids and teddy bears while Victoria tries to remind him that his last engagement failed and Paris won't change anything. Dan callously responds by inviting his mother to find his replacement, pointing at the stack of 34 application letters. Victoria: "Don't be cruel, Daniel. You and I have both made mistakes. The difference is I don't make them twice." Daniel: "Except bastard children, I guess." Whoa. Super duper whoa. That's enough to cause Victoria to silently walk out of the room.

With just the guys left, Conrad starts getting slimy. He says he's happy for his son, but he'd be even happier if the announcement could be rushed into the paper so he can get a bump in the polls. Normally, Dan would be disgusted, but he's too high on love right now to care. He has enough wits about him (weird to write that about Daniel) to negotiate for the release of his trust fund if his dad wants that bump so bad. Conrad wants to know what his son plans to do with that money when he departs from the company -- "nibble croissants and jet around the world for the next 50 years?" Daniel doesn't deny it. All Conrad asks is that Dan hold off on revealing he's leaving the company until after the election. Dan finishes that thought for his father before answering a call from his secretary. The background check on Aiden has come in. Dan says he's on his way.

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