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Engage on My Mark

Cut to Grayson Global, later in the day. Aiden walks into Daniel's office, graciously offering his congratulations on the engagement, but Dan walks right past him and shuts the door. He starts in on Aiden about his background check, which came back clean when he was hired, but now has revealed that his father was the man who placed the bomb on Flight 197. Sensing he's been found out, Aiden changes his approach and tries to find common ground with Dan, but it's not working -- that is until Daniel accuses him of targeting Trask and the Initiative. Calmly, Aiden asks who he's talking about. Dan retreats from the accusation, but still fires Aiden, basically just on the grounds of lying about his background check. He calls security, but Aiden walks out with class.

Ashley sits by herself with her iPad at a table in the Stowaway. Jack sets a shot of vodka down on the table and takes a seat. Before he can say anything, Ash overtly play-yells, "Jack! I'm working!" and takes the shot he meant for himself. Ashley updates him that she's now back in with Conrad, but she still doesn't know what he's up to with Alison Stoddard. Jack thinks they should take the spy photos to the police, but Ash doubts that's enough evidence to derail the campaign, but she has an idea. "How brave are you, Jack?" Ashley asks.

In Charlotte's bedroom, her and Ems are having a little girl-to-girl chat about the engagement. Emanda says there was no use keeping it a secret because of the press, which leads to awkward conversation about Charlotte's recent infamy with the paparazzi. She admits she wasn't thinking, and wishes Amily was still around because she'd know what she's going through. It's a sister thing. Ems hopes that they can be closer now that they'll be sisters, and asks Charlotte to be her maid of honor.

The touching moment gets interrupted by a knock at Charlotte's door from Regina. Ems: "You must be Regina." Regina: "And you must be a user of the Internet." Gross. Who does she think she is -- Farrah Abraham? Ems gives her a look that seems to regard her as much, and then excuses herself. With Ems gone, Regina pulls out a bag and says the guy who sold it to her didn't believe her when she said it was for a friend. Charlotte thanks her bestie for running this errand because the tabloids are now watching her like a hawk. The implication here is Charlotte's back on drugs, but we never see what's in the bag.

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