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Engage on My Mark

Charlotte and Regina come downstairs from Charlie's bedroom ready to hit the town. Daniel happens to be near the foot of the stairs and stops his sister, probably sensing she's about to go out and find trouble. He asks Regina for a moment to talk to his Charlie alone. Dan tries to connect with her about her wild phase, which he went through himself, but Charlotte's not having it, and she won't be attending the engagement party because she can't stand being around Victoria. She knows he must feel the same way if he's moving to Paris. Charlotte only stops to give her brother this advice, "And this year, try not to shoot anyone." I love this family.

Alison Stoddard answers her penthouse door, surprised to see Victoria, who opens with this fantastic line, "Hello, Alison. Were you expecting your husband... or mine?" The Queen just waltzes in, and before Alison can even get a word in, Victoria adds, "Are you trying to ensure you stay in the governor's mansion regardless of the outcome?" They sit down, and Alison explains that she's trying to sabotage her own husband's campaign because he has a degenerative heart condition. Another term would kill him, according to his private doctor. The look on Victoria's face as she comes down from being on the warpath and digests this information relates just how heartbreaking this situation is. She's holding back tears. Alison couldn't go to the press because her husband wouldn't forgive her. She implores Victoria that if she loves Conrad, she'll limit him to one term. The job is a death sentence, she says. Victoria takes this information, and it's hard to tell if she likes what she's hearing.

Nolcorp. Aiden walks into Nolan's office in his shirtsleeves after his firing. Nolan assures him that once Nolcorp is no longer a subsidiary of Grayson Global, he can hire Aiden. "You could be my bodyguard. And... I could be your Whitney." Too soon, Nolan. He thinks Aiden will need something to occupy himself while Ems carries out her endgame. Aiden insists there is no endgame. He gained no closure by getting revenge. It's what David Clarke tried to impart to her and something Nolan probably sensed, too. They need to stop Emanda from going down this path. They can start by draining the Graysons' bank account through the Amanda Clarke Foundation. They'll need to do it soon because Aiden's admin privilege will soon be revoked when he's removed as foundation treasurer. Nolan doesn't think he can help because of the safeguards the Falcon placed on the account. Aiden doesn't want to hear that. He just wants to know if Nolan is going to help Ems or not. Nolan plops down in his computer chair dramatically like he really needs to mull this over.

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