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Engage on My Mark


We pan over Rikers Island, and then drop down to a watchtower and some barbed wire. A guard opens a door for Edith "The Falcon" Lee to enter into an interrogation room where Nolan is waiting. He wants quick answers in exchange for erasing the cyber trail that got her indicted. First question: Where's Victoria's son Patrick? Edith says he was paid $5 million by Victoria to stay away. Second question: What does the Initiative want with Carrion? Edith doesn't know, nor does she care, but she tweaked the code to ensure that she's required if the program is to run. She figures either Nolan or the Initiative will free her for that reason alone. Last question: Nolan wants to know how to access the Amanda Clarke Foundation account. Edith answers with a riddle. "You'll find it in a place I was born, if not made. An old favorite, hiding in plain sight." She gets up and walks out of the interrogation room.

At Grayson campaign headquarters, Conrad watches Stoddard's upcoming attack ad on his iPad. He shows it off to Ashley, who asks how he managed to get it before it's been broadcasted. He sidesteps the question, noticing Jack walk in. He mentions that Jack can name a bonus from Conrad if he wins the election, but Jack will just be happy if Conrad keeps his campaign promises. Conrad steps aside, leaving Jack and Ash to have a private sabotage meeting. Jack fills Ash in on his meeting with Victoria. Ashley thinks they can trust her because she's the only one who would probably want to see Conrad fail than they would. The past between Jack and Ems comes up and Ash takes the opportunity to admit to her new friend that she once dicked him over by ratting him out to Daniel. She explains that she had feelings for Dan at the time, and it was obvious Ems had feelings for Jack. Ash was just tired of seeing Emanda always get what she wanted, like most of the people in the Hamptons seem to. They both look over at Conrad. Jack vows that Conrad won't be getting what he wants this time.

The engagement party is underway at Casa Emily. It's just a small gathering of family acquaintances this time. Victoria clinks her champagne glass to get everyone's attention so she can give one of her patented speeches. She says it's every mother's dream for her son to marry the girl next door. Emanda has been a part of the family for over a year, and even when she and Dan were apart, she never was far away. The Queen announces that she looks forward to getting to know Ems every day, starting now. She asks to have a word with Emanda outside.

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