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Engage on My Mark

Dec and Regina walk down the street in search of ATMs so they can score the $3,000 needed to bail Charlotte out. They bicker about who has her best interests at heart. Regina's hardly known Charlie for five minutes, but she's not as judgmental as Declan can be with her. This competition is either going to go really well for Charlotte or really badly. Dec and Regina are totally going to hook up, right?

Nolan has returned to the arcade where he and Edith played Street Fighter. He snaps a photo of the Falcon's high score with his phone. He's figured out that it serves as the numeric passkey, which he tells to Aiden, who's on the phone with him sitting somewhere in the shadows. Nolan thinks they should bring Emanda into the loop, but Aiden insists they stay the course. As he's saying this, Takeda opens the door where Aiden is. He's waiting in Takeda's living room, which has traditional Japanese decor and samurai swords everywhere. Aiden ends his call with Nolan. Takeda talks down to Aiden about his lack of restraint. It'll be his undoing, Takeda says. Aiden demands that Takeda let him and Ems be, or he will inform her of Takeda's true plans for them. He was never going to let them go. Takeda walks over to a sword stand and grabs two sheathed blades, tossing one to Aiden. They draw swords and regard each other before attacking simultaneously. After crossing blades a few times, Takeda manages to kick Aiden in the chest, knocking him down. Aiden takes a few swings from a disadvantaged position and gets sliced across the arm. He charges again, this time taking a melee strike and having his blade flung away. Takeda goes for a stab, but Aiden claps his palms around the blade before it can reach him. Takeda: "You were a soldier, not a warrior." Aiden quickly sidesteps, driving Takeda's sword into a wooden pillar behind him, then breaks the blade and shoves Takeda's chest into the shard. "This is where your path ends," Aiden growls. You're better than that, Aiden.


Daniel and Charlotte sit isolated in an upscale restaurant. Big brother wants to know what little sister has been doing kissing girls and getting arrested. What's it all about? Charlie says she's tired of her parents ruining everything and everyone. She doesn't want to bring anyone else into that mess. Dan thinks she's talking about their estranged brother, but she's not. Charlotte's pregnant. Daniel's jaw actually drops when she tells him.

At the Stowaway after closing time, Jack watches the local TV news, which has a breaking story about an audio tape of Alison Stoddard revealing her husband's heart condition. The audio is from Victoria's conversation with Alison. As if on cue, Victoria walks into the bar, asking for some brandy. She claims that Conrad released this audio tape to the press in response to the spy photos. Victoria wants to lay all their cards on the table. She knows Jack doesn't like her and wants Conrad to fail. She admits she wants the same thing. But why? Jack admits that he believes Conrad ordered Amily's murder. Victoria asks for proof, prompting Jack to pull out the audio recorder with the tape of Conrad's meeting with Nate Ryan where he ordered the hit. He plays it back for Victoria and she takes it in.

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