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Mother, Mother

Casa Emily. Ems rushes across the living room to reach a ringing phone. It's Gordon's phone she has stashed in her cabinet of secrets. Another missed call from Kara. Emanda's own phone rings with a call from Aiden. He informs her that someone is snooping around Grayson Global for info on David. They wonder if it could be Kara, but Ems hasn't been able to track her down. Aiden thinks she may be with the Graysons, based on the phone call he witnessed Conrad take from Victoria. That investigation will have to wait because Nolan's banging at Emanda's door. He barges in because he's at a 9 on the "freak-o-meter" due to Kara being back in the Hamptons, and he's freaking so much that he just assumes Emanda knows all about this. Nolan continues his tirade into a guilt trip about Ems not being around to hear that his father passed away. She puts herself on pause and apologizes to Nolan sincerely. He accepts and finally they're on equal ground again. Nolan asks what the deal is with Kara. As far as Emanda knows, she thinks Amily is her daughter. They sit down together at the surveillance laptop to see that Kara is already having lunch with Victoria and Conrad. Cut to the despicable outdoor lunch meeting. Kara asks about the safety of Grayson Manor with Gordon on the loose. Conrad unwittingly disparages Kara's husband by calling him a coward that would be shot on sight if he were stupid enough to try to come there. Kara is safe to stay with them, apparently. Cut back to Nolan and Emanda watching surveillance. Nolan: "No place like home... huh, Auntie Ems?" Just then, Ems gets a call from Jack about Amily being out of her coma. She tells Nolan she has to get down there right away because Ams could be in danger if her mother finds out.


Amily is already wide awake in her hospital bed and aside from circles under her eyes, looks relatively full of life for someone who should be dead. Jack hands over her baby boy for the first time, triggering tears of joy. Ems appears in the doorway just in time to witness the happy family moment. FLASHBACK: Little Amanda awakens in her hospital bed after the drowning. She asks David where her mom is. He explains that she wasn't strong enough to overcome her illness and she's now gone. /FLASHBACK. Jack notices Ems and comes over to talk to her in the hallway. She extends an invitation for Amily and Carl to stay with her, then suggests that Jack go home and get some rest. Ems enters the room to congratulate Amily and apologizes for putting her in the situation that resulted in her coma. She adds that Kara has returned, but gets interrupted by a doctor wanting to run more tests on Amily, so she doesn't get a chance to explain that it might not be such a good thing.

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