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Mother, Mother

Back on the porch, Mason walks up on Amily, who immediately recoils in anticipatory discomfort. Mason declares that his research shows that Ams should have a major burn scar from an accident when she was younger. This is what he noticed when he saw her back through her hospital gown. Thinking quickly, Amily says she simply had it removed, but she can't answer Mason's question of where the scar was located. He tosses a manila folder down next to her after proclaiming there's no way she's the daughter of Kara Wallace and David Clarke. He walks off whistling "Strangers in the Night."

-- Pablo G. is some guy who lives in Austin, Texas. He used to co-host TWoP's original "Trailers Without Pity" with his brother Omar G. Check him out at The YES and NO and Pablog and follow him @PendejoJoe on Twitter.

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