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A shovel digs in sand at night. We see that it's Emanda digging a grave outside Casa Emily. Emanda voice-over: "They say grief occurs in five stages. First there's denial, followed by anger." Tears begin to stream down Emanda's face. She completely breaks down. "Then comes bargaining and depression." The camera tilts upward into the blackness of the night.

36 hours earlier. Light morning snow falls outside Casa Emily. Inside, Emanda watches an old video on her laptop of her father in which he asks Mason Treadwell to relay a copy of their interview to his daughter. He wanted her to know he didn't have all bad days in jail. Emanda stops the video and pulls out the last photo of her father in prison. Ems voice-over continued: "For most, the final stage of grief is acceptance, but for me grief is a life sentence without clemency." Emanda folds the photo so that only the White-Haired Man can be seen. VO: "I will never accept and I will never forgive. Not even when the man who killed my father lies dead at my feet." She returns to her laptop to switch to video surveillance of Conrad's office at Grayson Global.

Conrad and Daniel sit across from each other at the elder Grayson's desk. The S.E.C. canceled their meeting with Conrad because they found no evidence, he figures. They'll dig deeper though, and in the meantime Conrad advises his son to keep up appearances in the media to spin the PR. He wants Daniel to work with Ashley to parlay the upcoming wedding into good publicity and a vehicle for getting the business back in the right direction. Somewhere, Kris Humphries feels an unexplained chill. Part of keeping this well-oiled machine of media relations awesomeness going will also involve tying up loose ends from Daniel's trial -- namely, Jack Porter. Dan says he's already got a plan for that. Before he can leave, Dan's father stops him to give thanks for being loyal. Daniel reminds him that he expects in exchange full transparency from here on out.

Emanda watches the end of this conversation when her phone rings. Nolan has been watching all of this from his iPad, too. He asks annoying questions as if he's that friend who always calls to ask if you're seeing what's happening on Mad Men since, you know, you're watching Mad Men. Just then, another man's voice begins speaking on Emanda's laptop. It's the White-Haired Man (24's James Morrison). Ems shushes Nolan. WHM speaks cryptically about his employers not being pleased with Conrad, describing him as a "bad asset." Conrad's word is no longer sufficient for "the initiative." I don't know what any of this meaaaaaans. WHM walks over to a framed photo of Daniel and Emanda and picks it up to admire it. We see from Emanda's end that the spy camera must be embedded in the frame. Nolan points out the obvious that they're looking into the face of the evil that murdered Emanda's father. He asks Ems what she's going to do. Her plan it to make sure WHM has a reason to meet with Conrad again. Then she'll track him. "And then?" Nolan asks. Emanda: "You already know the answer to that." Pizza party? Please say pizza party.

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