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Victoria arrives at Conrad's penthouse. Out in the foyer she notices Dominik's fake de Kooning painting. She compliments Conrad on his taste and how he looks. Conrad, as Victoria removes her coat to reveal her dress, replies: "And you look like a demonic succubus." He accuses her of sending the S.E.C. after him, but Victoria denies it. She explains she's there because Charlotte's doctor has requested family therapy. Conrad says he wouldn't miss that for the world as he pours two drinks. When Victoria reaches for one, Conrad coolly says it's not for her. Cue Lydia in a robe and slippers. She asks Conrad with an air of superiority what Victoria's doing there. He excludes Victoria in conversation and ventures to guess she's using their children in some sort of plot. Conrad turns to Victoria and tells her to leave. He and Lydia smugly sip from their tumblers in unison.

Declan comes back to the Stowaway with a curly-haired girl from school. She comes off sarcastic and adventurous while Declan simply wants to wallow in the economics project they've been assigned together. After a few failed attempts at lifting Dec's spirits, the girl -- who says she's from Yonkers -- gives up and agrees to sit to do homework. Declan stares at her curiously.

Fortress of Solitude. Emanda and Nolan sit together on his couch, staring at his laptop. They're encrypting a video of Emanda and Daniel in bed together. Naturally, this makes Nolan a bit uncomfortable. Nolan: "This is getting kinkier and creepier by the minute." Don't talk to us about kinky, Nolan. He asks what this is for. Ems wants Nolan to anonymously email the video to Conrad. He'll view it as a threat against his sole heir from WHM. "You may be a lot of things -- black belt in karate, impeccable dresser and certified sociopath, but you're not a killer," Nolan points out. What if WHM kills her first? It's a risk Ems is willing to take. She orders Nolan to send the video.


Establishing shot of a snowy Central Park. Lydia arrives home at Conrad's pad carrying shopping bags and on the phone with him. They muse at the thought of a designer offering to make a wedding dress for Lydia since the designer somehow got the impression they might be headed for the altar. Conrad awkwardly suggests it's not a bad idea as his computer chimes with an email. The spy video of Ems and Dan in bed comes up on his screen. Immediately, he tells Lydia he has to call her back. Meanwhile, Emanda watches Conrad's reaction on her own laptop. He reaches for his phone and dials WHM. Conrad doesn't let him speak more than a greeting before rattling off an address for them to meet to settle things lest Conrad unleash his own contingency plan. Ems scribbles down the address, tears the paper from her notepad and gathers her things to head to the spot. Just as she grabs her coat, Ashley and Daniel come through the front door. As if wedding planning isn't hell enough, now it's encroaching on murder. Ems falls back on her go-to excuse: the landmark committee. She's got a meeting she has to get to, she says. That might normally work, but no landmark committee takes precedent over fairly solid plans that involve a wedding. Daniel stares down Emanda, asserting this. She's stuck.

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