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Close-up on the check Daniel gave Jack. It's for a million dollars. Even Nolan gets the vapors looking at it. He knows the Graysons aren't messing around. Jack says he's thinking about keeping the money and using it to set up a charity... maybe share the charity with Emanda. Nolan is onboard for Jack cashing it because he thinks that if Jack doesn't, the Graysons might go to greater lengths to get his silence. Nolan's phone rings and he excuses himself to take a call from Emanda. She's a frantic mess. If Nolan really wants to prove his dedication to David Clarke, now's his chance. Emanda brings him up to speed that she's stuck at home with Daniel and they need to track WHM at his meeting with Conrad. Just as Ems finishes explaining this to Nolan, Daniel comes into the bedroom, demanding to know what's going on. Ems ends the phone call by pretending to give an excuse for missing the landmark meeting and giving the address Conrad gave WHM. She hangs up and walks out of the room past Daniel.

Lydia sits reading Wedding Magazine on Conrad's couch when Victoria suddenly enters from the elevator. She notes Lydia's probably getting a little ahead of herself, then snatches Lydia's phone before she can call Conrad for help. Overly friendly, Victoria asks what happened to their BFF status. Lydia: "You held me hostage at Grayson Manor and had your attack dog throw me off the roof of my own apartment." Yes, but if you guys were really BFF you'd be able to laugh about that stuff by now. Victoria explains that the government is building a case against Conrad and she has immunity, which she can extend to Lydia if they'll work together. Lydia steps aside as Victoria walks over to the de Kooning. It's odd that Conrad would keep something around that he knows has no value (other than Lydia), Victoria says. She grabs a nearby knife, cuts open the painting and discovers a stash of tape recordings and cash.

Conrad waits in a diner for WHM. Across the street, Nolan is parked, staking out the entrance when WHM enters. At Casa Emily, Ashley's presentation of wedding ideas is well underway, but it keeps getting interrupted by Emanda's phone going off with unimportant texts from Nolan like, "He's here" and "They're sitting down." This is just shoddy work by Emanda. Daniel and Ashley are nearing their limit of patience with Ems staring at her phone intently. Back at the diner, WHM takes his seat across from Conrad. He asks about this contingency plan Conrad mentioned. It turns out that the evidence Victoria stumbled upon is a full history of all of Conrad's meetings and correspondence with WHM. Conrad threatens WHM and his employers with exposure if he ever threatens the Graysons again. WHM gets up and leaves. As he steps outside, Nolan snaps photos of him. When Emanda receives them on her phone, Dan snaps, snatches her phone and demands to know what's so important that she can't spare five minutes to plan their wedding. Ems snatches her phone back before Dan can see anything and falls back on not wanting to be party to any of this anyway. Daniel's done. He storms off and Ashley refuses an apology from Emanda. Screw those wedding-loving jerks anyway. Emanda thinks about it for all of a minute before she remembers she's got more important shit to do.

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