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Dec arrives home with Yonkers. Her clothes are all wet from being splashed by a truck, so Declan hands her some dry clothes and says she can change in the restroom where there are towels. She stops to suggest he look for some pictures of Sammy so they can put them on the poster boards they were going to use for their project. This girl is sharp. While Dec looks at a photo of himself, Jack and Sammy, a tearful Charlotte appears. She declares all of her family members are awful, apologizes for pulling Declan's tuition and asks if she can spend the night. Cue Yonkers coming out of the restroom wearing nothing but Dec's T-shirt. Charlotte instantly makes a comment about Yonkers being trashy. She fires back at Charlie that at least she's not a walking tabloid. "Everyone has things in their past they don't want people to know about. Right, Declan?" Charlotte says before walking out.

At Grayson Manor, Dan approaches his mom to ask if her hatred for Conrad is more important than her children. Victoria thinks Dan would do well to remember his father is guilty of horrible things. As for her own involvement, there are multiple sides to every story. Dan tells her if she goes through with destroying Conrad, she's dead to him. Victoria's eye twitches.

Back at Casa Emily, Jack pulls a blanket over Sammy. He breaks down into sobs and convulsions again, so Ems takes him in an embrace. When both of them have calmed a bit, they look into each other's eyes and kiss. Ashley spies this make-out session through the window and walks away. What?! Where's Dan? Why isn't Daniel the one discovering this and going on a jealous rampage? What the hell is Ashley even doing there? Ugh.


Jack and Emanda dig Sammy's grave. When the hole's finished, they both stare at it blankly. Stoically, Jack says he'll go in and get Sammy. He thanks Emanda for being there and wonders about the fact Sammy always seemed to be leading Jack to her. He takes Ems' face in his hands and asks what they're going to do now. She looks like a deer in headlights when she says she doesn't know. Jack nods knowingly and heads inside to get his best friend's body. Emanda decides to dig some more... literally.

Charlotte waits by herself on a street corner. Oh no. A car pulls up. Oh... no. She tells the guy inside he's late. OH NO! She hands him cash... wait, that's not how -- oh, okay, the guy's handing Charlotte a bag of coke. That's not so bad.

Victoria enters Dan's office at Grayson Manor holding the evidence she stole from Conrad. She offers it and apologizes. Victoria says what Daniel chooses to do with it is up to him. Ems is listening in on all of this. When Victoria walks out, Daniel calls Conrad to tell him his mom buckled and they now have the evidence. Conrad commends his son and tells him to bring it with him in the morning. Victoria is right outside the door eavesdropping on this call. She walks away upset. Emanda's not too pleased with what she's heard either.

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