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First Blood
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It's late on a relatively busy city street. As we move through cars parked on the curb, we get an Emanda voice-over: "In revenge, as in life, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In the end, the guilty always fall." A body crashes loudly onto the top of a parked cab. It's Lydia. We zoom in from above on the gold, sparkly evening gown wearing blonde. A single trickle of blood emanates from the corner of her mouth. Falling about fifty feet onto a car will do that to you. Still, girl looks immaculate, even in death. Her eyelashes flutter, but you can call it -- time of death: one minute into the episode.

Two days earlier. Daytime at Grayson Manor. Victoria comes downstairs to thank Frank for standing guard during the whole Dr. Michelle Banks craziness. No new information has emerged regarding Michelle's attacker, but Frank assures Victoria he won't let anything happen to her. Victoria reminds Frank that Conrad will be coming home today, but that's actually not the case. Naturally, Frank already knows Conrad never left for home and spent the night in the city. Victoria asks if he stayed with Lydia. Instead of answering, Frank just hands Victoria a piece of paper. It's a bank transfer receipt showing Conrad transferred $10 million to Lydia's account. Daaaamn! That must be some good mistress. Also, I hate rich people.

Morning at Casa Emily. Party Planner Ashley walks in "dressed to impress" because she'll be meeting with Victoria later, and she hopes she can distract from the topic of the disastrous mother-daughter tea. Is there any possible way to thaw Ice Queen Victoria, Ashley asks. Emanda suggests making Victoria the center of attention for her charitable efforts at an upcoming gala. That's good enough for Ashley. She leaves and Emanda pulls out the infinity X infinity box. She looks at a front-page newspaper article about the terrorist plane crash and can hear a news anchor's voice detailing the attack. Emanda looks over her shoulder to see Little Amanda standing in front of the TV. FLASHBACK: Little Amanda watches the live news broadcast of the plane crash. David walks in surprised to find Amanda awake. She directs him to the TV and the news of the crash. Later, David sits in his jail cell, writing this letter to Amanda: "Conrad and Victoria knew the victims' families would need a devil to shoulder the blame for the money Conrad had been laundering for the terrorists. They chose me as the patsy, while passing themselves off as grieving benefactors. Never underestimate the power of guilt, Amanda. It compels people to some pretty remarkable places." /FLASHBACK. Emanda is looking at a newspaper clipping of the Graysons endowing a fund for the victims' families called United Outreach. She puts it down and looks at her gala invitation.

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