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First Blood

Back at Grayson Manor, Daniel tries to eat breakfast while his mother nags through his hangover about him falling off the wagon. That's just the worst. Hanging in the background is Tyler, who interjects Emanda's fault in this for standing up Daniel. Dan understandably just wants everyone to shut up. Conrad walks in and catches the tail end of everything. He shrugs off Victoria's attempts at catching him in a lie about his trip by talking about his business, which gives Tyler the opportunity to jump in and ask for work at Grayson Global. Conrad's all for it and naturally expects his son to be a part of this whole work thing now, too. Tyler is absolutely the worst best friend ever. Dan gets up from the table and him and Tyler Parry leave. Conrad turns his attention to Victoria who let Dan fall back into drinking in his two day absence. Victoria: "I had my hands full. Perhaps you can tell me where your hands have been." Come on, Conrad, how hard is it to come up with a pithy rejoinder? "Um... in your best friend."

Nolan creeps outside Casa Emily, trying to peek in the windows. Suddenly, a curtain flies back and he's face-to-face with an annoyed Emanda. Nolan: "What's my little girl with the infinity tattoo up to today?" Snerk. Like usual, Emanda is sparse with the details. Unlike usual, Emanda is so annoyed with Nolan she loses sight of him in her own home. He sneaks off to place a small black whale figurine on her mantel while keeping up conversation about Tyler enabling Daniel and proving to be a nuisance for Emanda. The conversation ends outside with the two looking in the distance at Grayson Manor.

Conrad's office in Grayson Manor. Victoria confronts Conrad about the ten million dollars transferred to Lydia. Conrad is caught off guard, but quickly attributes it to trying to placate Lydia who is now a threat to expose the Graysons after Victoria's power play of exiling her. Victoria bitch slaps Conrad and points out none of this would even be happening if it weren't for his affair. Well... yeah. If you want to play the blame game. Victoria walks out into the hall, not noticing Tyler who overheard everything.

Poor Porter Bar. Jack overslept today, and he's surprised when he comes downstairs to find Dec set up the whole bar by himself. Dec wants to be reminded why they have to work so hard to have so little. Jack thinks Dec is making a dig about him deciding not to sell the bar, but Dec just wants to hire some help because he doesn't want to work to his grave like their father. Jack takes the idea to heart.

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