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First Blood

Poor Porter Bar. Daniel walks in and finds Jack to ask for his credit card back. Jack, the perfect gentleman he always is, says he would've gladly mailed it to Daniel if he just called. Dan, the perfect overachieving rich kid he always is, apologizes for his behavior last night. Declan interrupts because there's a very large man named Bull inquiring about being a bartender at the Stowaway who Dec is too terrified to handle. Daniel looks over his shoulder to see a big "help wanted" sign in the window, apologizes again and leaves.

Grayson Manor. Emanda is welcomed by Victoria at her weekly luncheon with all the ladies. As she guides Emanda to the parlor by the arm, Victoria condescendingly comforts her about things going badly with Daniel. They take their seats among the women and Victoria begins speaking about the upcoming Open Arms Gala. Ashley interrupts her to cheerfully claim she has organized for the charity being highlighted at the gala to be Victims United, a charity set up first for the victims of the famed terrorist airplane crash and initially endowed by the Graysons. Victoria's face goes white with guilt and she averts eye contact with everyone in the room while trying to hold a smile. Open Arms will honor the Graysons for their pioneering efforts, Ashley adds and all the women clap. Then, Lydia walks into the room. "Congratulations, Victoria. No one deserves the recognition more than you," Lydia announces, a smirk spreading across her face.


Victoria slowly stands up to go greet Lydia. She hugs her and questions her decision to return to the Hamptons with an air of faux friendliness. Lydia says, loud enough for everyone to hear, her decision to leave was one she was never comfortable with, and now that her divorce is final, she hopes Victoria will welcome her back into The Fold. Victoria has no reason to publicly deny Lydia this request, so she invites her to rejoin the group. Perfect timing for Victoria's phone to ring with a call from Conrad. Bad timing for Conrad to ask how Victoria likes her surprise, meaning the car. He's surprised to find out Lydia is at the house and asks Victoria to accept his apology and the car. Victoria's like, "What car?" Cut to Charlotte showing off the Mercedes to Declan. Back at Queen Victoria's lunch, Lydia has taken Victoria aside to apologize for everything. She appears to genuinely miss Victoria's friendship. Emanda interrupts the reunion to tell Lydia she's mailed off some of her things and to off-handedly mention in front of Victoria this is the second time she's seen Lydia today. Before she leaves, Lydia asks Victoria one more time to consider her apology. With Lydia gone, Emanda's mention of seeing Lydia twice today sparks curiosity from Victoria. Emanda confides Lydia showed up to make threats about wanting her house back and then plants some more ideas about Lydia. Emanda mentions the signed book from Dr. Banks to Lydia and the fact that Lydia's sessions with Michelle weren't exposed in the mother-daughter tea incident. Food for diabolical socialite thought.

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