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First Blood

Casa Emily. Emanda comes rushing downstairs in a robe to respond to pounding at her door. It's Nolan and he's freaking out because Lydia is on to Emanda. He explains Lydia noticed Emanda in a photo of an event from 2003 and she's been spending all morning calling catering companies to try to get an employment roster. Nolan has to admit to Emanda that the only way he could know all of this is that he originally bugged her house, but it came from a good place -- he says he promised her father he'd look after her and it was the only way he knew how to achieve that. Emanda asks Nolan to hack into the catering company's database to erase her name. This is an even bigger deal than Nolan thought because it wasn't Emily Thorne who worked that party, it was Amanda Clarke before the name change. This could expose Emanda's whole plan.

It's gala time! Emanda is already schmoozing with the Graysons. Victoria asks if Emanda has spoken to Daniel, which gives Emanda the opportunity to tell Victoria he's not in attendance because he's angry with things at home. Victoria has no response. She spots Lydia entering the ballroom and turns to Ashley to ask to be seated. It turns out they will be sitting as guests of honor at the Victims United table. A woman at the table turns to look at Victoria as she's seated, and her face catches Victoria by surprise. FLASHBACK: The woman is being interviewed on a local television news broadcast about losing her family in the plane attack. Victoria watches with Frank and Conrad and is so wracked with guilt over their involvement she is desperate to help the lady and other family members of the victims. Conrad agrees and thinks at the very least it'll help Grayson Global's public image. /FLASHBACK. Ashley informs the Graysons they have half an hour before Lydia is set to introduce them to the crowd, something they were not expecting. Victoria tells Conrad they need to talk to Frank.

Emanda finds Lydia to ask if she received her shipment of personal effects. Lydia did, but it doesn't matter because she expects Emanda won't be living in her house much longer. "Pack your things, sweetie. I found your Southfork Inn," Lydia smugly says before walking away. Emanda pulls out her phone and dials Nolan. There's a problem with his hacking. The catering company only has a hard copy of the employee manifest, meaning they are in the process of faxing it to Lydia's home. Emanda's plan to go intercept it herself is thwarted by Daniel's sudden appearance at the gala. Nolan volunteers to "fire up the chopper" and head downtown to intercept the fax for her. I'm allowing myself one instance of saying "I love Nolan" per episode, and this was it. He gets up to leave and we see the video feed on Nolan's laptop of Lydia's dark, empty apartment suddenly filled with Frank's flashlight. We cut to Frank snooping around. He stops at the box Emanda shipped to Lydia. He finds all of the planted evidence -- the signed book from Michelle, the printed out article about Senator Kingsly and a copy of the DVD of Dr. Banks' sessions used at the mother-daughter tea. He turns to Lydia's laptop where there's a copy of her upcoming Open Arms speech on the screen. Frank pulls out his phone to call Victoria and give her warning that Lydia plans to expose the Graysons in her speech. Victoria looks over her shoulder at Lydia and says to Frank, "I'll handle her from this end and you handle her from yours." They hang up. Victoria goes up to Lydia and whispers something in her ear. They appear to have made amends. When Victoria gets back to her table, Conrad asks what she told Lydia. She says she told Lydia what she wanted to hear. It's time for Lydia to get up to the podium. She pulls out her speech and looks out at the crowd.

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