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For Richer or Poorer, In Sickness and Attempted Murder
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Since Emily was shot off the side of her wedding yacht, things have gotten a little murky on Revenge and with the last episode until March upon us, it seems things are only bound to get murkier.

But don't worry, Emily is bound to stay safe and sound for at least the rest of this episode. You'd think things were working out differently based on the absurd amount of blood in her bed in this week's first scene. Niko rushes in because she's determined that she needs to be involved in Emily's life to honor Takaeda's respect for Ems, and she notes that Emily pulled out her stitches in her sleep. Emily apparently takes this explanation at face value, because she has Niko help her by cauterizing her wound with a hot poker, saying that she's got nothing left to lose because Daniel made her sterile. Certainly, this rushed decision made after massive blood loss won't yield any adverse results.

On the other side of the really great neighborhood these people all seem to live in, Nolan confronts Patrick for assaulting him and stealing from him in order to win favor from Victoria, but he's got an ulterior motive. Nolan got his hands on a police report from the '70s that shows who Patrick's real father might be. If this was three weeks prior, it might seem that Nolan was trying to help his former lover, but we're dealing with re-revenge-set Nolan. This information is the spark and the end of a long fuse.

At Grayson Manor, Emily is doing her best to play delusional wifey by enlisting the help of a counselor in her newfound marriage problems. Victoria laughs because she knows this won't build a bridge between her and Emily or Emily and Daniel, but Emily retains her smug composure as usual. Of course, the composure doesn't last long because almost immediately after her cleansing therapy session, she finds Daniel in bed -- rather proudly -- with Sarah. And our "sweet" little girl-next-door has suddenly adopted the sociopathic grin of a more evil woman along the lines of Lydia Davis. Sweetheart, we know Emily lied, but you are still a mistress parading your affair in the wife's face. Have some dignity.

Meanwhile, Conrad's little plan is going swimmingly. After intercepting the final copy of Voulez last week, the bait and switch worked and Margaux's picturesque afternoon with Jack is ruined when she finds a copy of Voulez with Conrad's outrageously false story in it. Conrad, fully aware that the biggest part of his plan is about to be revealed, moves out of Grayson Manor to the South Fork Inn and tells Emily she destroyed his last chance at happiness. Still, he doesn't seem all that miffed because he offers an open door to Emily for whenever Daniel inevitably betrays her (you know, because shooting her wasn't betrayal enough).

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