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Hack Job
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Nude after a hot morning shower, Ems wipes away condensation from her fogged up bathroom mirror and stares at her own reflection. Ems voice-over: "A person's true identity can often be difficult to discern... even to themselves, causing one to question their character, their calling, their very existence. For most, time provides clarity. But for others these questions remain unanswered.... for an identity cannot be fully defined when it is a guarded secret." A clothed Emanda breezes into her bedroom and reaches for her keys on the nightstand, but she's startled by Daniel's hand suddenly snatching her wrist from the bed. He's still in good spirits about Ems' tendency to sneak off. She blames her early rise on being unable to sleep, knowing Nolan was being questioned by police all night in connection with Padma's murder. Emanda deftly blows off proposed lunch plans with Daniel, because she wants to go check on Nolan, and then completes the terrible, shady girlfriend hat trick by convincing Daniel she should go alone. Just think of the media circus from the murder trial acquittal, Ems reminds Dan. She kisses him goodbye and heads off to the police station, leaving the rusty gears turning in Daniel's head. "Did I just get terrible girlfriend hat tricked?" he asks his brain. "Naw, bro. This isn't basketball," it replies.

Grayson Manor. Conrad and Victoria are in the middle of one of their famous heated exchanges while storming through the parlor. It's obvious to Conrad that someone has targeted Victoria in light of recent events. He wants to be sure that what Victoria has told him about her pregnancy being terminated is true so that his campaign won't be blindsided by the media. Victoria hands over medical records as proof. As Conrad explains that he wants to stay ahead of reporters on this potentially disastrous news item (specifically, Nightline reporters, who they'll be doing an interview with tonight), Emanda creeps up the hallway and starts eavesdropping. Conrad seems at ease about the potential to spin the story if it comes up, using the rare opportunity to actually tell -- what Conrad perceives to be -- the truth. Victoria is entirely the victim in the story she's fed her husband about being sexually assaulted as a teen. Still, Victoria is entirely against the idea of having her personal misery used for Conrad's political gain. They agree to disagree. In other words, Victoria ends the scene by literally telling Conrad to go to hell.

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