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Foster the People
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It's almost nightfall in the world where David Clarke is still able to hold his daughter close and read her a bedtime story in front of the fireplace. Little Amanda finishes each line her father reads from "The Little Match Girl" like she's heard it hundreds of times, but it will never get old. Emanda voice-over: "To carry a secret is to play with fire. Try to pass it on and you risk hurting someone else. Hold onto it and eventually you'll get burned." Fade into the future where Aiden pokes the embers in the fireplace of an unfamiliar house. Ems enters, asking if they can be sure nobody knows about this place. It's their save haven, Aiden says. Emanda has just come back from the cemetery and her encounter with her foster brother Eli. As best as she can tell, Eli didn't recognize her. Aiden asks if there's any reason to believe he might have ill will towards her. Ems: "I burned down our house." Oh. FLASHBACK: Little Amanda lights a match, waves it out and uses the burnt end to scrawl an infinity x infinity symbol next to a bunch of other ones on a piece of paper. Little Eli walks in to ask why she always draws the same thing. Goooooood question, Eli. It's a reminder that her father lied to her, she replies. Their foster mom comes upstairs because she smells the burned matches, so Amanda goes to hide while Eli steps up to take the punishment. He's told he needs to get in "the bin." You know... with the other orphans nobody wants. Am I right? Oh, whatever. /FLASHBACK. Ems explains to Aiden that Eli was always her protector in return for the promise she'd never leave him. "And I never did... until I set that fire." So... you did leave him.

Grayson Manor. Charlotte hands over photos from Jack and Amily's wedding to Victoria at the breakfast table for use in the launching of a charitable foundation in Amanda Clarke's name. This sort of thing is apparently all it takes to get Charlotte behind her parents. She tells them how proud she is of them before heading off to school. Daniel walks in as she's leaving, running on no sleep. He can't stop thinking about what the Initiative might have in store for him. Frankly, if you're going to let an international terrorist organization get in your head and run your day, you're just not cut out for this life. Being the dimwitted, alcoholic son of a well-to-do family seems to be all Daniel can muster these days. Conrad advises his son that the plan should be to deflect anything that may come their way onto someone else -- namely Aiden Mathis. That doesn't really jive with Dan since Aiden has recently proven his loyalty to him and the company. After David and Amanda Clarke, Daniel doesn't see why another innocent person should pay for his family's sins. He storms off.

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