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Let's Get Snitched
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In slow motion, a seamstress works on Victoria's gray wedding dress. No illusions of purity here. Emanda voice-over: "If we choose to, we can live in a world of comforting illusion." Oh... well maybe I was wrong about illusions of purity, then. Charlotte sits behind her mother thumbing through the scrapbook from her parents' first wedding. VO continued: "We can allow ourselves to be deceived by false realities." A slight smile turns up the corner of Charlie's mouth. VO: "Or we can use them to hide our true intentions." Cut to Daniel giving his father a silent stare while the two men have their pants hemmed in Conrad's office at Grayson Global. Aiden sort of barges in the room without knocking and is greeted by Conrad, who asks how the vetting of his company is going. Coolly, Aiden figures they're about halfway done and asks what they're getting all dressed up for. Wedding or funeral? Conrad throws out an invitation to the wedding. Mr. Mathis will be there and he asks if he can bring a date, throwing a glance over at Ashley (who's needlessly in the room) to verify her fear that he'll likely be bringing Dan's ex-fiancé. Once Conrad's pants are finished, he and Ash exit, leaving Aiden alone with Daniel. The pageantry quickly washes away, Aiden noting that Conrad is the emperor with new clothes. Coldly, Daniel says it's only a matter of time before the world sees he's unfit to lead.

Casa Emily. Emanda lays out photos and manila folders for Amily, drilling her on the details of her supposed cosmetic surgery to patch up the burn scar missing from her back. Ams couldn't be more disinterested. Emanda insists that Amily just needs to get the facts straight and this intrusion by Mason Treadwell will all blow over very quickly because she's about to send Mason on the trail of the Graysons.

Sitting at her vanity, Victoria pulls out the photo snapped of David in prison on the day he died from her jewelry box. She folds it in half just as Kara comes wandering in with that vaguely psychotic friendliness she's so good at. She figures Victoria must cast an enchanting spell to have four chances at true love in her life. The spell... from HELL! Speaking of love, Kara asks what Victoria and Gordon spoke about since he supposedly came to see her every day that she was held hostage. Victoria claims there was no talking, just torture, and he was pure evil. That's obviously not the man Kara knew and loved. FLASHBACK: Gordon lies down next to Kara in bed and lays a flower on her chest. He tells her he loves her. /FLASHBACK. See? Victoria says he's revealed himself to be a coward, so Kara suggests that maybe she can leave Grayson Manor now. Not so fast. Victoria reaches to say they're still not completely sure he's no longer a danger and she should stay.

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