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Let's Get Snitched

Out on the beach, Kara stands painting with a full-sized easel like she's Jennifer Jason Leigh in a made-for-TV movie or some shit. Emanda walks out to her. FLASHBACK: A younger Kara paints on a similar easel alongside Little Amanda, who has an identical miniature painting setup. They look at each other and smile. /FLASHBACK. As Ems gets closer, we see Kara has done a near-perfect charcoal sketch of Grayson Manor. Ems asks if things are getting too hectic in there with the wedding. Kara points out that was almost Ems last summer. Ouch. Emanda admits she's kind of glad it didn't work out and that Victoria had it out for her from the beginning. She asks that Kara not share that with anyone because she doesn't want any more bad blood with the Graysons. With the reassurance only a mother can give, Kara says not to worry... they'll get what's coming to them. Emanda lets a tiny smile slip.

Out on a park bench, Ams has Mason poring over the fake documents of her scar removal. He asks about the expense for a girl just out of juvie and Ams easily deflects by saying wiping away the bad memory was worth it. He's appeased. But why is she settling so close to the Graysons? Amily claims that now that she has Jack and Carl there's no reason to fret over simple revenge. If Emanda were there, Ams would get some steely-eyed daggers right into her skull for that one. Amily says she figures someone else will expose the Graysons someday, then lets the juicy bait slip. She says she knows that Gordon and Conrad used to work together, and she swiped Gordon's phone number from Conrad's phone. Alas, she didn't have the resources to hack into phone records. But you know who does? Mason offers to take up the torch and set fire to the Graysons.

The never-ending wedding preparations by the queen continue. Conrad comes in looking for a missing cufflink he wore to their first wedding. Victoria jokes that they should just call the whole thing off and it seems to kind of hurt his feelings in that same subtle way that Conrad has been getting that gleam in his eye every time he talks about this sham wedding like some part of him really does still want to be married to this woman. He leaves butthurt. Enter Charlotte. She has a gift for her mother -- a sapphire necklace Victoria gave her for her 16th birthday. This is to take the edge off of dropping the news that she won't be attending the wedding. Charlie wants nothing to do with this charade and instead wants to go help Declan with the reopening of the Stowaway. Victoria protests, but Charlotte responds that Dec is the only real thing in her life. It's more than her parents can say about each other.

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