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Let's Get Snitched

Ems walks through the Nolcorp building on the phone with Amily. Ams reports that Mason bought the whole story and is currently running off to expose the Graysons, but she wants to make it clear that if he ever threatens her family again, Amily will handle him her own way. Ominous. Emanda hangs up and walks into Nolan's office. She wastes no time ordering him away from the Grayson wedding. Padma briefly walks in and Nolan plays it off by saying Ems is there to offer a dress for Padma to wear to the wedding, simultaneously tipping Ems off that Nolan intends to take his Chief Girlfriend Officer as his date. Padma exits. Taking her to the wedding is a bad idea in Ems' book since Padma's the one exchanging information with Daniel. Nolan wants to verify it for himself and he thinks he can handle Dan if he comes after Nolan because there won't be any feelings involved for him. Nolan gives Ems a sly stare, but she answers back with steely eyes and wins. On cue, Mason calls Nolan's phone. Ems asks Nolan to agree to Mason's request to get a name and address associated with a phone number he will provide. Nolan: "What did I just agree to?" Emanda: "The beginning of the end for Mason Treadwell."


Aiden and Emanda enter the pre-wedding gala looking like two secret agents that were trained together by the same sensei on Oshima Island, Japan -- Ems in a flowing red gown and Aiden in a sensible black and white suit. Daniel spots the couple with a grimace and drags Ashley over to them to say hello. Dan states the obvious; he didn't know Aiden knew Ems. Mr. Mathis plays semi-dumb, saying Takeda suggested he look up Ems when he got stateside and he was under the impression their break-up was of the amicable sort. Not much Daniel can say to that. He gives all credit to Emanda for them being able to be civil to each other. As the awkwardness reaches a crescendo, Ashley declares she and Dan need to go greet guests and they run off.

With Victoria gone, Kara wanders back over to the Queen's vanity. She opens up the jewelry box and pulls out the photo of David Clarke, which is now torn in half and missing the side with Gordon. Kara turns the photo over in her hands and examines it closely.

Mason's sleuthing has led him to a steel trailer home -- the type where you totally would cook meth. What? You, not me. Loud music plays from within. Mason tries politely knocking and yelling through the door, but there's no answer. He opens the door and spots Gordon sitting still in a chair, facing away like dead bodies are wont to do. Mason enters and realizes he's been talking to a corpse. He looks down and spots Conrads missing cufflink on the floor with the initials "CG".

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