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Let's Get Snitched

Stowaway. Declan is dragging around, trying to get things ready for the grand reopening of the bar. Kenny notices and guesses he must be tired because of Charlotte, but really it's because Dec has trouble sleeping out on the boat. Sensing a chance to be devil's advocate yet again, he plays to Declan's insecurities about being pushed out to the boat by his brother and needing to make a mark for himself. Charlotte walks up as Kenny finishes his thought and offers her service. Dec asks about her missing her parent's wedding. Charlotte: "I'll catch the next one." Don't start being fun, Charlotte. Stop that.

Conrad enters Victoria's staging area as her assistants put the finishing touches on her muddy gray Vera Wang gown. The groom asks to have the room cleared out for just him and his bride. He tells Victoria he feels they're destined to be together and hands her a wedding present in a small wooden box. She opens it to reveal a fancy handgun with an ivory handle. Conrad wants her to be able to protect herself if for some reason he's ever not there to protect her. Victoria: "And here I thought you were offering me a way out of this." Snip snap. Conrad affectionately replies, "Never," kisses her on the head and walks out. Victoria's phone rings with a call from Mason, who's leading police into the main entrance of Grayson Manor as he speaks. He offers up a way that Victoria can get the benefits of marrying Conrad without having to spend a single night with him. She's listening. We're all listening.

Meanwhile, Conrad's outside waiting by the altar. The crowd is slightly restless as Nolan and Padma walk up, matching in navy blue. Seriously... Nolan looks smashing in his blue suit with a black shirt, vest and white polka dot tie. I'm sure Padma looks fine, too, but that suit. Dan leans over to Ashley in his seat to comment on Nolan bringing his CFO. Ash fires back that it's not any weirder than Aiden showing up with Ems. Touché. Nolan takes his seat next to Emanda, greeting her and then under his breath addressing Aiden as "Mr. Bond." The "Wedding March" begins to play and Victoria begins her solo shuffle up the aisle. She reaches the altar, drawing a comment from Conrad about her tardiness. The minister asks if they're ready to begin. And here we go.


So, the ceremony must not have been very eventful because we skip right past to the reception. Conrad and Victoria are invited out to the dance floor for their first dance. Conrad immediately asks Victoria to abscond with him on a remote trip tonight, but Victoria would rather start tomorrow at home as a family. Fair enough. She stares over Conrad's shoulder, pleased that she so easily bought herself some time to let Mason's plan play out. Cut to police searching Grayson Manor. Detectives discover something peculiar on one of Conrad's coats in his closet.

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