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Let's Get Snitched

Stowaway. The bar is alive again. Jack rings the bell that lets all the patrons know he's about to make one of his lame speeches again. He thanks everyone for their patience and welcomes all the new faces. Cue Carl crying. Jack gives a special thanks to Kenny for making it all possible. The two men share a brief moment where Jack personally thanks Kenny. When Jack walks off, Kenny seems for the first time to be a bit conflicted about what he has in store for the Porters. They've been driving home that Jack's the ultimate good guy since day one, Kenny. Where have you been?

Back at the reception, Dan cuts in to have a dance with his mother. He tells his mother she looks beautiful and she commends him on all his hard work at the office. She doesn't want her son to sell himself short and thinks he should be projecting to the board that he's a worthy successor to his father. Cut back to Grayson Manor. Detective finds a handgun and spent shell casing in the trunk of Conrad's car. Mason asks if that would be the murder weapons, but rightfully so, the detectives ignore him and just call in for an arrest warrant.

With Amily off feeding the baby or putting him to sleep or whatever the fuck you do with babies, Kara's left alone to chat with Jack at the bar. She says she's happy for him and Amily, but Ams must be scared because people like the Clarkes always expect the worst when things start looking up. That's... so sad. Jack asks if that's why Kara stayed away from her daughter for so long. Everywhere she's been, trouble followed and Amily deserved a better life than that. It's what Jack intends to give her, he says.

At the reception, Daniel finds Padma unattended. He immediately brings up the David Clarke contract, as Emanda and Aiden watch from afar. To her credit, Padma starts to claim the investigation is finished on Nolan's end before Emanda can interrupt and send her over to Nolan. Ems tries to put the awkwardness to rest about showing up with Aiden, but Dan deftly achieves that by asking her to dance. Ashley looks on until Aiden sneaks up behind her. "We can't let them have all the fun, can we?" he asks, taking her hand. Out on the dance floor, Aiden notices Ash's preoccupation with Dan and Emanda. Ashley calls it a bold move, showing up with Dan's ex-fiancé and notices that the two of them have hit it off as if they've known each other forever. Ashley perceptive? Weird. The other dancing couple is talking about what might've been. Daniel admits that he often wonders if he let pride get the better of him and that Emanda was right when she accused him of becoming everything he said he never wanted to be. Ems: "It's never too late to change course." Dan asks if she means that, but before she can answer, police raid the reception. They head straight out to the courtyard and place Conrad under arrest for the murder of Gordon Murphy. Victoria rushes over and does her best acting job, demanding to know what he's done. Conrad sees right through it, and knows his wife framed him. He says as much as he's hauled off. Watching from a distance, Nolan commends Ems for having Conrad arrested at his own wedding in what he figures could be a "revenge all-star opportunity." But what about Mason? Ems says Nolan will see what's coming to him soon. Smiles all around from Nolan, Aiden and Ems.

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