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Let's Get Snitched

Victoria tosses and turns in bed. A shadow casts in the doorway, so she pulls out the gun Conrad gifted her and points it into the darkness at... Conrad. She's shocked to see him since she was told it would take an act of Congress to get him out on bail tonight. He explains that the Initiative sprung him and now they must wait to see what price he'll have to pay.

Sitting in front of the fire at Casa Emily, Aiden reads the news of Conrad's bail to Ems from his phone. He teases her about her dance with Daniel and then gets serious. Whatever feelings she had for him last summer, Dan's acting purely as a Grayson now. Emanda says she's aware of that, and it's why she walked away from him. So now's as good a time as any for Aiden to point out he's changed and his face is right in front of hers angling for a kiss. Ems seems ready to give in, but hesitates and ultimately tells him he should leave. He says he will, but he won't give up on her. Massive Attack's "Paradise Circus" (!) begins to play as Aiden walks out, leaving Ems alone in contemplation. Emanda voice-over: "To successfully create illusion, the first thing you need is trust, but to perfect an illusion the false reality must appear as authentic as the one it hides." Intercut with red yarn being strung on a corkboard from photograph of familiar face to photograph of familiar face we see Emanda enacting her framing of Conrad. She moves Gordon's body, then disables Grayson Manor's security cameras remotely. Ems gets into Conrad's closet and grabs one of his suit coats, then steals his cufflink from a jewelry box. From the perspective of inside the trunk of Conrad's car, Ems pops it open and drops in the handgun, then sets Gordon's corpse upright in the chair in the trailer. She arranges a bowl and spoon to appear as though Gordon had been living in the trailer for quite a while, then turns on a radio. VO continued: "Careful attention must be paid to every detail." Carefully, Ems places Conrad's cufflink on the floor of the trailer. VO continued: "The slightest of imperfections, like a pin to a balloon, burst the illusion..." The music stops with the sound of the air being sucked as if in a vacuum. Fade to black.

The light comes up on Mason Treadwell standing in front of a corkboard with news clippings from major events surrounding the Graysons and photographs of all our favorite characters connected by red yarn on pushpins. He runs a piece of yarn from Emanda's photo to a business card for Allenwood Juvenile Detention Center, which is also connected with Amily's photo. Emanda voice-over continued: "...And the truth behind the illusion becomes revealed." Mason stares at Emanda's photo in shock.

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