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Write and Wrong
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Little Amanda (did you guys know the actress who plays little Amanda is named Emily?) sits in her social services room reading a book with her father's face on the cover called The Society Connection, written by someone named Mason Treadwell. Emanda voice-over: "For the average person leading an ordinary life, fame holds a hypnotic attraction." Amanda sobs as she absorbs the book's contents. The VO continues: "Many would sooner perish than exist in anonymity. But for the unlucky few who've had notoriety forced upon them, infamy can be a sentence more damning than any prison term." Flash forward to Emanda sitting in bed, reading the same book. Daniel walks in from a late night working at Grayson Global. He reveals to Emanda that he's decided to forego business school to focus on the family business, and he also would like to move back in with his mother for the summer, since she's still rattled over Tyler's attempt to murder Daniel's birthday party. The consolation here is Daniel wants to move into a new place with Emanda in the city after summer. Thinking quickly on her feet, Emanda says she plans on never moving in with anyone unless she's marrying them. Her parents were traditional, she says, and she feels like it honors them to uphold their values. She adds that she definitely loves Daniel and wants to be with him, but she just wants it to be the right way. The right way being anything that will destroy his family.

Emanda wasn't boning up on that old Mason Treadwell book for nothing. We're at a public reading at a bookstore by Treadwell (played by guest star Roger Bart) with Victoria, Nolan and Emanda also in attendance. Mason dons a white suit, rose-colored shirt and fuchsia bowtie. He looks like what would happen if Colonel Sanders had sex with Alan Cumming. I don't mean what their baby would look like -- they're both boys and that's impossible. I mean the amalgamation of their bodies smooshed together. Queen Victoria sits front and center, eating up his every word while nervously glancing at the giant sandwich board of the cover of the book featuring David's face. Nolan and Ems hang back behind the crowd snickering at how much of a tool this guy is when he talks about how he draws inspiration for non-fiction from his subjects themselves. When he's finished speaking, Victoria immediately goes up to greet Mason, followed closely by Emanda. Ems blows through the usual, "Victoria! I didn't know you knew [blank]" and introduces herself as the girl who currently lives in the house David Clarke was arrested in, naturally piquing Mason's interest. Having him on the hook, Emanda reels him in, introducing him to Nolan. Treadwell looks at Nolan with wide eyes like he's a walking Pulitzer for a biographer. Wired Magazine's "Man of the Decade" and Forbes' number seven on their list of youngest billionaires -- these are Nolan's credentials Mason recalls instantly from memory. Nolan corrects him that he's actually sixth on Forbes' list (heh) before dropping the possibility they could get together to discuss Nolan's biography. Mason extends an invitation and his business card, so Nolan and Emanda's work here is done. When they leave, Victoria invites Mason over to the house to discuss something important. He can't refuse.

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