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Write and Wrong

Leo is trying really hard to convince Nolan to come in for a nightcap as they approach Hemingway Cottage. As they get closer, Leo notices the fire and jumps out of Nolan's car, repeatedly yelling, "No!" like a college student whose final paper has just been lost without being saved. He falls to his knees and begins sobbing while Nolan stands back and utters to himself, "Bad girl." I have to say that as silly as it might seem, this is probably the most thoroughly Emanda has beaten someone.

Setting up her alibi, Emanda shows up at Daniel's pool house in a trench coat. She opens it to reveal she's wearing a black teddy and thigh-highs. That's good alibi.

The next morning, Emanda groggily walks over to her breakfast table which is piled high with Leo's interview tapes. She pops one into a tape player connected to her laptop. Emanda voice-over: "Some words are immortal, long-buried or even burned. They're destined to be reborn like a phoenix rising from the ashes." The video played back is another interview with David. He insists in it that he and Victoria were in love and she was going to leave Conrad. When Leo tells him there's no proof, David brings up the note sent to him in his cell by Victoria. It was unsigned, so that's a dead-end. The camera is trained on David's face as he thinks long and hard. Emanda voice-over continued: "And when they do... it can literally take your breath away." David has found the words: "Six months ago Victoria gave birth to a baby girl. Her name is Charlotte. You want proof that I'm telling the truth? Ask her who the father is." We zoom in on Emanda's face as she gasps for breath.

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