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Write and Wrong

The Stowaway. The phone rings while Jack pours a drink. On the other end is Emanda. She wants to thank him for being brave the other night, but he shrugs it off since the gun wasn't loaded anyway. Amily creeps up on Jack and grabs him in a bear hug from behind, so he tells Emanda he's gotta go. Jack's girlfriend is completely restless in this dive bar. She wants him to be impulsive and shirk is duties so they can go to Atlantic City together. This completely goes against who Jack is -- she's basically asking him to change right there on the spot. He endures her childish declaration that his life at the bar is a "snoozefest" before firmly telling her he can't go. "I wonder if you'd say no to Emily Thorne," Amily erupts and storms off. Isn't that what he just did? Stupid name changes.

Grayson Manor. Victoria has brought Mason back with her. While declaring Victoria manages to masterfully make 20,000 square feet feel cozy, he pulls out a cigarette and cigarette holder (guh) and thinks better of lighting up after a barely perceptible glance from the queen. They step outside together, taking a seat at one of the courtyard tables. After some small talk about Conrad taking up residence at the South Fork Inn, Victoria cuts to the chase. She wants Mason to find out why Amanda Clarke is back in the Hamptons. He can do this by interviewing her under the guise he wants to reflect for his memoirs. Mason's not comfortable with this idea, and he tells Victoria as much, but she instantly becomes venomous. He'd still be writing earnings reports for the back page of The Wall Street Journal if it weren't for Victoria, and he shouldn't forget it. "Trust me, one doesn't easily forget a deal he's made with the Devil," Mason shyly drops his wit before agreeing to talk to Amanda.

Casa Emily. Emanda sits reading her father's journal. David V.O.: "By the time the trial ended, every person I once trusted had turned their back on me. The only remaining option was to find an impartial observer to tell my story. I thought Mason Treadwell would be that person." FLASHBACK: David sits across from a much more conservatively dressed Mason in an interrogation room. He talks of being set up and the massive cover-up on every level... it really does come off as paranoid and crazy, but Mason is at least humoring him. /FLASHBACK. Emanda is now watching this exact interview on her laptop by way of an old, roundtable TV show interview with Mason featuring this exclusive clip of his interview with David. Mason is asked about David's conviction about his claims, and he writes it off as advanced pathological narcissism, adding that none of David's claims have been supported by facts. Emanda stops the video. She pulls out her copy of "The Society Connection" stuffed with post-its, flips it over and marks a big, red "X" with her marker over Mason's face on the back of the book.

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