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Write and Wrong

Well-read 3-D title card and commercials.

Stowaway. Amily mans the counter in a practically empty bar -- that is, except for Mason who calls out to her from across the way. He's sporting a turquoise bowtie now, which is much manlier for this setting, I guess, and asks for a light for his pretentious cigarette. Amily reminds him there's no smoking in bars, but he persists, so she walks over to him, snatches the cigarette from its holder and trashes it. Good-naturedly, Mason orders a drink instead, and starts in on Amily about their past connection of interviews when she was a child. Her reflex at this type of thing now is to say she just doesn't remember much about that time. Mason doesn't blame her. Instead, he invites her over to his house tomorrow for a closure interview. She stares back at him and his business card silently like she knows she is probably obligated to accept this invitation.

Grayson Manor. Attorney Ryan Huntley and Queen Victoria Grayson are having tea. Their plan to nullify Victoria's prenup looks to have been a success. The problem now is Conrad plans to divest Victoria's stake in the company. Huntley's suggestion is to have Daniel ask for access to his grandfather's trust fund and his stake in the company. Victoria thinks Conrad will see right through that, but Ryan is banking on Conrad's loyalty to his son winning out.

Stowaway upstairs. Charlotte and Declan return from a trip to visit the prep school she'll be attending in the fall. Dec notes that it looked more like a college, which launches Charlotte into listing off her schedule. She likens it to a college course load, and notes that she already has an assignment to read "Paradise Lost" within the next two weeks. That's all it takes to get Dec PMSing about never ever seeing Charlotte after this summer. She insists she's an expert multitasker, which draws out this gem from Dec before he walks off: "I believe you. I'm just not sure how I feel about being one of your tasks." If I were five years younger, I'd totally be OK with being one of her tasks. Damn... I'm a creeper.

South Fork Inn. Daniel finds his father alone at a table waiting for his lawyer. Very quickly, Daniel tells Conrad that since he is now fully invested in being a part of the company, he hopes he can expect his father will reward his show of faith by releasing his trust fund. Conrad likes the cut of his son's jib because it is the jib he inherited from his old man. He agrees and they shake on it. Conrad's lawyer arrives as Daniel leaves, so Conrad fills her in on what just happened. She notes the timing of this, considering they just informed Victoria this morning they wanted to divest her. Conrad doesn't readily agree with his lawyer's suspicion, but he is a shrewd businessman, so he agrees to at least put in a stipulation in Daniel's contract that he needs to turn thirty or get married to unlock his stake in the company. Again, Conrad's lawyer raises an eyebrow at the marriage clause since Daniel is already in a serious relationship with Emanda. Conrad gets a gleam in his eyes. He thinks his son is easily distracted, and he'll be surprised if Daniel's relationship lasts through the summer. You can practically see Conrad's Rolodex of hooker phone numbers turning in his head.

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