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Write and Wrong

We're at Mason Treadwell's very large cottage which, he explains to Emanda and Nolan, used to be owned by Ernest Hemingway when he was writing the The Dangerous Summer. Mason continues the douche tour to his writing desk where he uses a 1920s typewriter that was supposedly once owned by John Cheever. At least Mason's pretention affords an awesome exchange with Nolan. He jokes that when he needs to look up a word, he simply gets up and checks a reference book since he doesn't use a computer -- to which Nolan smarmily fake laughs to himself and notes, "Like the cavemen." Emanda asks about Mason's collection of books, which she notices seem to be all first editions. Prideful, Mason talks about how he loves rare items, including his sole copy of his manuscript that he picks up from his desk and shows off. Emanda and Nolan are practically drooling at the revenge potential of this one-of-a-kind treasure that likely contains this blowhard's heart and soul. Emanda turns her attention to a padlocked glass cabinet full of video cassette tapes. Mason notices her glance and explains that it's hundreds of hours of the one-on-one interviews he used as research for The Society Connection. More drool. Mason adds that he will be interviewing Amanda Clarke again very soon. This is news to Emanda.

Amily lights a shot as Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" plays at the Stowaway and slings it across the bar to a patron. A hot blonde stares at Amily from across the counter like she wants to devour her. She asks what Amily calls that trick she just did. "Being awesome," she replies. "I totally want to kiss you right now," Hot Blonde admits as if in a trance. "Not while my boyfriend is watching," Amily taps Hot Blonde's nose and retreats back to Jack. He's not feeling this vibe at all. He asks Amily to tone it down because there's a line she's crossing. She responds by walking straight back to Hot Blonde and laying a deep kiss on her. Amily grabs two bottles of liquor and climbs up onto the bar, announcing it's $1 shots time. Put money down on the counter and open your mouths. If this scene were any more Coyote Ugly, Piper Perabo would be walking in right now. Instead, Emanda walks in, surprised to see how the bar has devolved. She runs into Jack, who is not happy at all. Amily spots the two talking and instantly climbs down from the bar to intervene. Jack asks for a minute to talk to Emanda, which causes Amily to interject, "I'm sorry. Can I get you two a table... or maybe a room?" Jack rolls his eyes, but Emanda saves the day by saying she's actually there to talk to Amily. When Jack walks away, Amily asks if there's anything going on between them. Emanda expertly brushes off the idea and asks to speak outside privately.

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