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Write and Wrong

Outside, they drink to "the girls of cell block 'D'." Emanda asks why Amily didn't mention sooner Mason Treadwell wants to interview her. Amily doesn't think it's a big deal since Emanda trusted her before with her identity. This is different, says Emanda. Mason is a bottom-feeder and is the reason why she had believed her father was guilty. Amily is confused because she hasn't had reason until now to believe David Clarke might not be guilty. Emanda simply says there's more to the story she can't prove without Amily's help, as she notes Amily playing with her prized lighter she was using earlier to light shots. Amily puts it down and asks what Ems wants her to do. Zoom in on Emanda's face with the "shit's about to get real" music reaching a crescendo.


Morning at an empty Stowaway. Jack finds Declan sitting by himself and laughing at something on his phone. He still manages to get in a whine to Jack about probably seeing his girlfriend for the last time at their trip to the prep school before showing Jack why he's laughing. His phone has been blowing up all day with people sending him pictures of Amily being wild at the bar last night. Jack admits he's in over his head, which Dec thinks is a good thing because he needs to be forced to lighten up. Dec gets his brother's attention to let him know he's being completely serious before telling him he's too tightly wound for someone his age, and he'll end up like their father if he stays down this path. Really wise advice from such a greasy, whiney teenager.

Cut to Nolan awkwardly/timidly firing shots at a gun range, not hitting the target at all. He's there with Emanda and an annoyed Daniel. He wants to know why they even brought Nolan. It's because he's still shaken up about Tyler's attack, and Emanda feels it would do Nolan some good to feel like he has some power right now. It's Daniel's turn to let loose, and he's a pretty decent shot. He challenges Emanda to do better, and she falls just short, but we all know she's holding back. Dan's gotta run because he's got a meeting his father set up with a prospective investor. With him gone, Emanda and Nolan are free to discuss revenge business. Emanda wants Nolan to help her control Amily's interview with Mason. Nolan's not sure why they're involving Amily in this plan, so Ems explains that when she met Mason, his real name was... FLASHBACK: "Leo Treadwell," he extends his hand in introduction to a stoic little Amanda in her social services room. He introduces himself as a journalist, completely dressed down and reserved. He doesn't talk down to the little girl, but instead has a friendly air of understated idealism and empathy. Leo/Mason opens the door for Amanda to talk about whether she thinks her dad's guilty or not. She admits she's been told she has to say he's guilty, but she pulls out a photo of her father she's smuggled under her mattress and says she doesn't think he did it. Leo asks Amanda if she'd like to help him rescue her father. /FLASHBACK. What ended up happening is he published a book with all the lies the Graysons have been feeding the media about David. Worst of all, Leo made Emanda believe the lies. Nolan asks how the punishment can fit the crime. Emanda silently slips on her ear protectors and pumps five bullets right into the target's bull's-eye and one into the silhouette's head.

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