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Write and Wrong


South Fork Inn. Conrad is speaking with an attractive young woman when Daniel walks in. He introduces his son to her as Sophie Arnault, granddaughter of the owner of a big company called Arnault Offshore. Conrad excuses himself immediately to let the two do business. Sophie is thinking it's business time. She says she likes the idea of being in Daniel's very capable hands. His face registers bewilderment.

Upstairs Stowaway. Dec is asleep in a recliner, a copy of "Paradise Lost" lying open on his chest, when Charlotte comes in looking for him. She smiles to herself when she sees the book (and its CliffsNotes), covers Dec in a blanket and leaves.

Outside Leo's cottage, he asks if it's OK to record his interview with Amily as he pushes the button on his tape recorder. He's finally got a lit cigarette, so his first question is kind of bold. He asks why Amily would keep her father's last name. She says it's a good way to gauge who her real friends are. That answer is too smart to be from Amily, who is playing with her lighter as Leo continues his questioning. We zoom in on Amily's ear which is equipped with an earpiece and hear Emanda's voice feeding her the next answer. Cut to Emanda and Nolan sitting in front of Nolan's laptop wearing headsets. Amily's doing a good enough job of reciting believably until she goes off script to mention she has plans of putting down roots in the Hamptons. Emanda tells her to stay focused and get ready to start asking questions of her own. Emanda has Amily tell Leo that she trusted him and he chose Victoria's word over hers. Reasonably, Leo says he couldn't trust the little girl's mental state during her account. Emanda: "And what about your word, Leo?" MINI FLASHBACK: Leo's promise to Amanda that they'll rescue her father. /FLASHBACK. Leo has definitely grown uncomfortable at this interview turning into an interrogation. Emanda instructs Amily to stand up and get in Leo's face. They give him an ultimatum -- his reading about his interview with Amily at Grayson Manor will be his last chance to redeem himself and come clean about everything. Emanda tells Amily to walk away. Back at the Fortress, Nolan takes off his headset. "Check you out, Cyrano." He figures they've just set up Leo to reveal the whole conspiracy, but Emanda's not convinced.


Grayson Manor. Daniel walks in on Ashley and Victoria making wardrobe decisions. Ash actually gets a little smart with the queen over her declaration of "no more bandage dresses," and offers to burn them immediately. Backbone is nice. Daniel asks for a word alone with his mother and tells his mother of Conrad's gambit with Sophie Arnault and the amendment to his contract requiring marriage. It doesn't even register as a possibility to Victoria and she's already giving up when Daniel starts telling his mother how much he loves Emanda. Victoria insists he needs to wait until he's certain, but Dan is pretty determined. If it gives them the upper-hand against Conrad, he doesn't see why he shouldn't move forward on what was already his instinct anyway. He leaves. Victoria just grabs her forehead in pain and calls out to Ashley. Victoria asks if Emanda is coming to the reading, and when that's confirmed, she tells Ashley she needs a favor.

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